TEEBS OBEY Artist Series

A short video of our Summer 2014 Limited Series Artist, TEEBS aka Mtendere Mandowa. He's been busy through this first quarter in 2014. Back in February, he had an art show entitled "Ante Vos" releasing 400 reworked album covers and last week, he released his 2nd LP under Brainfeeder Records, "E S T A R A." To complete this trifecta of events in his young career, we're proud to present the new Summer 2014 Limited Series Collection by Mr. Mandowa available now. Enjoy !!!

About Teebs:
Born in New York to Malawi and Barbados parents, Mtendere Mandowa (AKA Teebs) is an electronic musician and artist living in Los Angeles. His melodies, multi-layered and coupled with raw emotions, form a serene and honest sound, which is so unique and yet so simple. As a painter, Mtendere uses an array of luminous color schemes and illustrative techniques that reflect his personality. Mtendere’s artworks act as a palette or invitation to discover a journey between the music and the visual. His work transmutes an energy that flows between his canvas and musical instruments, resonating a unique harmony of lines, colors and sounds.

Listen to his music here.

Follow him here and here.