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Homo Riot is an out street artist from L.A. who abandoned his old name when Proposition 8—the California law banning gay marriage—passed in 2008 and began political postering across the city. While his early works included things like tiny baby dolls and foam sculpture, his Homo Riot pieces are stark, simple and unmistakably powerful for it. After a time working in isolation as a gay street artist, he discovered a handful of other gay street artists on the Internet and then participated in Jeremy Novy’s A History of Queer Street Art exhibition in San Francisco—which Homo Riot relocated and revamped for a showing at Los Angeles’ Physical Goods gallery earlier this year. (He also published Queer Street Art Now, a book including several artists from the exhibition which is specially made to be disassembled and used at prints for the purchaser’s own space.) He speaks now about how his work fits between the politics of sexuality and a world of strangers on the streets.