Bryan Proteau

“With journalism and photo journalism already firmly under his belt, Bryan Proteau now conquers another facet of art with his detailed drawings of the mysterious and macabre. A northern California native, Bryan currently resides in San Francisco, CA and is among a fresh, young crop of artists who have replaced typical schooling with hard work and DIY ethics. His work in the underground music scene and vigorous self promotion have allowed Bryan to reach a vast audience; completing projects for those nationally and internationally interested. Whether it be working on his personal art for his blog Natvres Mortes Illvstration, writing for CVLT Nation, or documenting the bay area underground via his photo based website SF Sludge, Bryan is undoubtedly a man with incredible skill and a bright future.” -George Clarke

"For the pieces I did for OBEY I wanted to create something that was self contained yet cohesive with my body of work. Some of the themes touched upon in the three images are mortality and the infinite, the natural and the mystic and the architecture of bones within the architecture of space. All three were created using nib pen and brush with tattoo ink." -Bryan Proteau