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  • the wild west

    It's been a long time since I've ventured into the depths of my own country. This time I had the honor, and pleasure to rock with my dudes Opio (Souls of Mischief/ Hieroglyphics), DJ Scientific and AaGee. Opio and I just recently started working on some new sounds. Listen to one of our first experiments, "Blow sum Smoke," and stay tuned for more..

    Nerds of the round table... or square table... or whatever the venue has available

    After the party is the after party

    Travel Tip #1: When traveling in a group, always check the 1 night AirBnb deals, where you'll find pads like this, that are cheaper than hotel rooms, and come with a bottle of champagne.. #PinkyUp begins..

    American Interstate highway stops, where you remember how easy it was being a kid. Of course you realize you're and adult, and end up walking out with almonds, water, and a frown..

    Hippy time at the edge of the earth, also known as 'Fuzzy Bambi land..'

    Delicious captures by Ari Berger (Domoarifoto)

    This is how we chill from 3:30 till.... soundcheck. Much love to Adrian Younge for hosting us, and blessing us with all sorts of previews. Seriously.. stay tuned for the new Souls of Mischief album, as well as anything this guy touches.

    Computer Club at the Low End Theory (Los Angeles)

    Back in the bay.. Ran into Teebs again for a pre-show pinky up at Union Square.. Tour(ists)

    Teebs on before Jon Hopkins... hoppin on one foot playing his 404 with pinkys only at the Mezzanine (SF)

    Big shout out to Polaroid Jay ( for always capturing Bay Area galavanting.

    Such a great night in SF for the finale of the tour... Teebs, Devonwho, Shorty McGee, The Whooligan, Mr. Carmack, CitzenTen, Mophono... a whole lot of homies in the building.

    Pinkys been up all night.. captured by DomoArifoto

    the Adventures the Computer Club commences for now.. but its not over. Stay tuned for more and more music. See you again soon!

    Homeward bound.. I'm "that guy.." carrying an original Micro Moog through the TSA. Biiig thanks to my bro AaGee for the tour gift!

    I knew I had to come back home for something. Thankfully I got home right in time to write the line-up for the OBEY stage, and send it out to the artists. Big shouts to Moonblock Party, Phil, Ryan, all the bands, DJs, vendors, mutants, and the people for making the first Downtown Santa Ana Block Party happen. lets do it again next year!

    No sleep... You can see what all happened on----->> THC_J's blog section ***I think Phil took this picture..

    Great times on the streets! Joe Kay closing out the evening with new selections from Soulection

    Then of course there's the itis, after party at The North Left.... *Phil took this picture btw... no small claims court! Good Night :)

    freetherobots / July 31, 2014

    This weekend the biggest summer jam sesh going down in Santa Ana, bringing together all of the homies to play on the OBEY Radio stage and the best part is that its All ages & FREEEEEEEE

    The East End Block Party will unite Orange County and Los Angeles's creative community on Saturday, July 26 from 12 pm to 8 pm. Details in the flyer below!

    freetherobots / July 22, 2014
  • Two Snakes Tour Continued..

    After the #SuicaBoyz adventure through Japan, we made our way down through Seoul, Manila, and Bali. Here is just a little taste of the glory..

    360 Sounds

    Yayoi Kusama

    Can i get a window seat.. nope.

    The Makati beach BBQ

    Philippine Airlines in flight magazine recognizes the local crew


    Aardvarck in the place

    Uluwatu Surf Villas

    Monkey See, monkey take..

    Island essentials at Drifter Surf Shop

    Out here and always inspired by my good friend/ extremely talented artist --> Brooke Reidt.

    Inspiration... Stay tuned for more music :)





    freetherobots / June 20, 2014
  • Two Snakes on the Plane vol. 1 (Japan)

    Lefto x Free the Robots teamed up for the Two Snakes on the Plane tour; a one month journey now in progress. It started in Tokyo and proceeded on down to the deep south of Japan. Here are some snaps of adventure one. Biig shout out to Laurent Fintoni, Perfect-Touch, the Brainfeeder crew, Jazzy Sport, Air (Tokyo), Timeless, Big Takeover and everyone who made this trip to Japan fun. Stay tuned for more in Seoul, Manila, and Bali!

    (Photo: Michael Leung)

    You can also get the official Free the Robots - Two Snakes EP

    out now on Perfect-Touch (Osaka)



    freetherobots / June 2, 2014
  • Tour life continues פרי דה רובוטס

    For the last week of November into December, I made my way from SA to Mexico, Paris, Lille, Bruxelles, Jerusalem, Haifa, and Tel Aviv. Way too much amazing shit happened to post, so here is the short version..

    you can see more and follow on or #FTRTOURS

    Muchas Gracias Otros Mundos Otros Sonidos

    Tijuana, Mexico

    TJ, Raiders official

    Free the Robots, Andre Power, Jo Def... Esgar lurking somewhere

    Meanwhile in NYC...

    Paris je t'aime

    têtes de chèvres je t'aime

    Hand styles by SUPE, Mike Kershnar, and Luidgi during live radio broadcast... any place, any time

    Listen to the Interviews below:

    BeSides Records in Lille, FR... where i spent all my tour money for some major come ups

    Bruxelles with Jeremiah Jae & Mono/Poly sometime earlier in the year

    Royal w/ Cheese & Wine

    Street art (Jaffa)

    The moving company

    Hummus Lina (Jerusalem) vs Hummus Abu Hassan (Tel Aviv)... won't say the winner because a man could get killed for that. #HummusCartels

    Cohen Beats, Cohen Digs... Websta Websta & Cohen has a job for you

    The Army

    Port Said, Tel Aviv

    Good Vibes in Haifa with 4321, Ghostown Crew, Broken Fingaz, Raw Tapes, Miss Red... Everyone!

    Find the Ace of Base tape (Casette Bar, Jerusalem)

    Lite Brite music :)

    A lot of love in the building, thanks to the Raash-Hour crew and the great people of Jerusalem. This is the first 10 minutes filmed & edited by Naama Noach.

    On board the Jerusalem express.. Lets Fly!

    Hanukkah at the Western Wall

    The Old City, Jerusalem

    Lost as fuck in the Old City, Jerusalem

    So that's what all this tension is about...

    Moo from the Estate

    Impromptu studio session with Rejoicer and Keren Dun of the Buttering Trio / Raw Tapes

    French layover.. French Breakfast

    World wide family

    Music is the universal language no matter where we are in the world.. Thank you for listening.

    -Free the Robots

    freetherobots / December 23, 2013
  • Tour Diaries: São Paulo, Brazil

    [Free the Robots: Sept 2013] Last week I took a trip to the great city of São Paulo for a show and random adventures with the Metanol FM crew. Here is a little glimpse what what goes on this side of the southern hemisphere.

    Welcome to São Paulo: Population 11.32 Million

    Not bad for the first stop.. grand opening of Alex Atala and Fecundo Guerra's new restaurant in Antigo Riviera. Bomb food, good vibes, live jazz, and a playlist that plays everything from Mulatu Astatque, to Moondog, to Thundercat. *I Recommend

    According to many local diggers, Disco Sete is São Paulo's finest record store. For my experience, I will have to agree. shout outs to Carlinhos for being the best digs assistant ever

    Brazilians can eat a lot of meat.

    Alot of meat...try the churrascaria

    The Amazon is home to the cutest Piranhas on the planet

    Original OS Gemeos sticker tags from 1996, courtesy of my friend Akin (Metanol). I can't thank you enough for these.. so thank you again!


    Praca das Artes

    Good vibes!

    muito obrigado to the crew! [Metanol.FM]

    After the party is the Afterparty.

    The End...

    -Free the Robots




    freetherobots / October 1, 2013
  • Tour diary.. what a week it's been

    Over Independence Day week I shot over to NYC in hopes that the aliens would come and take me away from some rooftop... Obviously that didn't happen :/ But i did get to enjoy that heat & humidity with great company.


    During my down low DJ set at Hotel Chantelle, the legendary New York noise collective, "Gray" came through to vibe out. Shout outs to Michael Holman (left) + Nick Taylor (right)... now click-->

    Feel free to support if what he's done has affected your life in anyway. Much respect!

    Marcy stop

    on the way to the Marcy stop


    Good vibes, tunes, trees & rooftop fireworks with Dan (Dubspot), Ras Daniel, Addis Pablo, and the legendary Clive Chin *photo cred. (Suns of Dub)

    Out here they worship Stan

    Almost home... but first, off to Quebec City for the OFF Festival.

    Obligatory airplane window shot

    First stop.. Poutine & Canadian beer

    Sometimes I look like Romeo from OBEY (ROAM-intl)

    Among some serious French Canadian space, disco bands... not mad at all

    Amazing vibes all night at the OFF Festival (Photo by: Marion Desjardin)

    you can see the full set of what went on here (QUEBEC OFF)

    Homeward bound... stay tuned for "The Balance." (08/20/2013)

    freetherobots / July 9, 2013
  • OBEY Radio x Dublab

    Stopped by the Dublab studio last week for a 2 hour (Roam & Urth) OBEY Radio session. If you missed it, it's now downloadable HERE... Listen and support LA's finest radio show at

    freetherobots / May 6, 2013
  • Lection III

    During my European tour last month, I spent some time in Copenhagen and linked up with, Den Sorte Skole, for the final sessions of Lection III. The record just came out, and quickly became my main, space-out soundtrack... a highly recommended listen.  400+ layers of un-used samples, edits, and original compositions, perfectly executed to tell their story.

    Available on limited edition Vinyl or as FREE DOWNLOAD (via


    -Free the Robots

    freetherobots / April 25, 2013
  • The final hour

    For the last leg of the tour, we continued with even more run ins, worldwide fam, and fun. Next stops.. Vienna, Copenhagen, and Germany... *I stole these googly eyes from someone elses sticker, and i will do this every time i see googly eyes.

    Vienna.. beauuutiful. Shouts to all the dope DJ's who played, Dorian Concept for coming through, and all the good people of Vienna

    3 days off and a DJ set in Copenhagen.. Last year, I was fortunate enough to hop on a Danish tour with my dudes, Den Sorte Skole. This time, I flew right into the final session of their new record, Lection #3, and its pure fire! It consists of 400+ layers of previously un-used samples, edits, and original compositions. Stay tuned for this at

    Another random stop in Copenhagen. My dudes from Cheff Records invited us to their live TV performance on the national Danish network, where i discovered a whole new world of music, and another very random run in with Quadron, who you should definitely know by now... but you probably didn't know, but they are from Denmark!

    Came through the Red Bull Music studio (Copenhagen) to hang out with, Phase 5 and his SSL. Easily one of the coolest cats I've ever met in the music game.

    After our visit to casa de Om-Unit y Meloncholy we remembered Charles had made a purchase.. Pulled this one out of his collection after consuming some natural substance.. Thank you Meloncholy for this!

    Ausfahrting from our vacation and heading to Germany for the final stops..

    Randomly found my skull used for "St. Pauli to the People" stencil... big up St. Pauli!

    Good to see fellow Grilled Cheese Spot/ Santa Ana Surf club member, Glen Porter, out here in Berlin… not to many people know, but aside from taking your orders at The Grilled Cheese Spot, he makes amazing tunes with Project Moon Circle, out of Germany. He will be taking over the OBEY tour blog from here on in. #SecretLife check him out!

    Partying with Skinheads next door to our show in Jena Germay... don't worry... it was a Punky reggae party

    Kinda smokey in here..


    Goodbye EU, it has been great to rock with you all... until next time, MUCH LOVE! :) Next stop... home for the 5 year Anniversary of The Crosby!!!

    freetherobots / April 1, 2013
  • from Paris to Bruxelles

    The blur of extraordinary events from Paris to Bruxelles

    Bruxelles on a Sunday

    The Thousands of people in the Paris metro and we run into Ge-ology and Lefto!

    the Beast is everywhere

    Kutmah always crushing.. we all miss you bro!

    My brother from another Nosaj Thing

    Jeremiah Jae is crushing on a whole nother level

    "Everytiiime I'm in the kitchen... You in the kitchen.." w/ Jeremiah Jae, Lefto, Free the Robots and Mono/Poly

    Now off to Copenhagen!

    freetherobots / March 25, 2013
  • the daam

    3 days of semi-rest at Sebas's Royal Palace of Amsterdam aka OBEY (Benelux HQ).. Bigg shout out to everyone who came out to our last minute OBEY pop off party at the Chicago Social Club, all the folks who listened in to our session at Redlight Radio, Indonesian restaurants and Goudkuipje. Amsterdam Fam!


    freetherobots / March 24, 2013
  • OBEY Radio x Redlight radio (amsterdam)

    Listen to the OBEY Radio x Redlight Radio live mix session with FTR & Mono/Poly at

    freetherobots / March 23, 2013
  • First Stop London

    This is my touring partner, Mono/Poly (Brainfeeder). No, this hat is not just for performances... this is his actual hat, and he's representing hard for all the cats out there!

    Big Shout out to the Hit + Run Crew for taking it from LA to London.. Also thank you Cryptic for the FTR design

    It's always good to meet up with fam from back home. Nosaj Thing definitely came strong for this one. Much love to Earnest Endeavors and Black Atlantic for putting this amazing show together. Thank you to the great people of London for coming out and sharing the vibes!

    freetherobots / March 21, 2013
  • Guest Blogger: Free The Robots

    Hell "the fuck" O!

    My name is Chris Alfaro a.k.a. Free The Robots. I'm a musician and business owner, hailing from Santa Ana, CA. The friends at OBEY Clothing asked if I can document my European Tour, and I happily said yes. For those that need to do a bit more research on me or troll me like the creep that you are, please visit..., thank you!

    For this round, I will be teaming up with Mono/Poly (Brainfeeder Records) for shows in London, Geneva, Vienna, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Belgium, & a few cities in France & Germany. We're mainly here for good beer, wine and cheese, but in between that, we'll be playing music for people. With the both of us lurking around together, we're bound to get into some weird shit. Lets go!

    Until then, here's a mixtape I did to promote the French leg of the tour... more soon!

    download here

    - FTR

    freetherobots / March 18, 2013

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