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  • OBEY Radio Asia pt. 3


    And the tour Continues...

    June 25th - Hong Kong @ V A N S / S K 8 F I V E 2

    June 26th - Shanghai, China @ A R K H A M

    July 2nd - Seoul, Korea @ C A K E S H O P (FTR Only)

    July 3rd - Osaka, Japan @ S T O M P  (FTR Only)

    July 4th - Tokyo, Japan @ N A V Y  R A Y (FTR Only)


    While the guts de booblé subsided, we've been able to enjoy what each country's culture had to offer. When you're chief'd, Bangkok looks like what the future would look like back in the 60's.





    They got Sizzler!




















    Thank you to Guillaume & Jase !! Here's a recording from the night with Jase @ The OBSERVATORY Saigon..

    up next...



    Roam / June 25, 2015

    Meanwhile... in Asia, Free The Robots and ROAM have been enjoying the sun and feel rays in Manila and Boracay. We've definitely been bubble-gutting, but it's all worth it when you're in your parents hometown... Thank you to those that came through to both parties! Since the internet broke for us this past week, we'll just upload as many photos as possible to re-clog the system...

    OBEY Radio Manila (photos by GOKS)













    Bottom line... when it rains, the kids swim in the gutter.


    FTR copped them Miguel Jardons 1, yo...

    Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset

    OPM (Old Plip Music) bangers

    Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset





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    More OPM!

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    Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset

    vibe w/ us... Next UP, Bangkok & Saigon...



    - ROAM & URTH

    Roam / June 17, 2015
  • OBEY Radio Asia 2015


    Dates and Location

    June 12th (Independence Day) - Manila, Philippines @ B L A C K M A R K E T

    June 13th - Boracay, Philippines @ A R E A  5 1

    June 19th - Bangkok, Thailand @ L I V E ,  R C A

    June 20th - Saigon, Vietnam @ T H E  O B S E R V A T O R Y

    June 25th - Hong Kong w/ B O O M  M A G A Z I N E  &  8 F I V E 2

    June 26th - Shanghai, China @ A R K H A M


    The OBEY Radio Asia Tour 2015 kicks off this week, reconnecting fiends of all sorts to our music, as well as getting a bit of R&R in between. It's been a minute since I wrote on this here blog, and I feel great about the new and nostalgic stuff we'll be posting for next few weeks. I really miss you all! Thank you in advance to everybody that made this tour possible - Pube$, Black Market Manila, Guillaume @ Preduce, Jase @ Beat Saigon, Brian @ 8five2 HK, and Tom @ Yeti Shanghai...

    Free The Robots and ROAM Elsewhere will be the left field selectors every night, with supporting local talent to peel your wig back and possibly throw your panties to the side. For those that need a bit of a crash course on what OBEY Radio is and the noise we represent, enjoy the soundclound do-hickey thing-a-ma-jig below...

    Vibe with us...




    - ROAM & URTH

    Roam / June 8, 2015
  • New Maze (BR) Shop

    A few months back, Tony A and I had some fun times in Sao Paulo.. 'member ?  I couldn't tell you what we were doing then, because I didn't even know what I was doing there. Imagine me, big ROAM dog, in Sao Paulo, Brazil... not knowing what's been done or what was around the corner for me to not know what we were going to do... [i really hope I'm confusing u..]

    However, Persio Tagawa and the Maze crew knew what were doing... You sneeky guys !!! A few weeks back, Persio reported back on the success of their new shop launch. I promised to post, since the wall that Tony and I did, is now on display at their new location - across the street from the old Augusta location !!! Here are some photo of the shop..













     There's Persio... riggity rapping like he always does... Great Job Mate !!!

    (bravo to the Maze staff as well. Good luck peoples !!!)


    - ROAM

    Roam / October 16, 2014

    !!! This Thursday, William Bensussen's doing it again... The Gaslamp Killer & Friends at the Mayan in Los Angeles !!!


    For more info, click here


    - ROAM

    Roam / September 15, 2014

    Whatta weeek, I tell ya !!! A huge thank you to everybody involved in the planning and execution of the best trade week OBEY's ever had, ever. From the US and EU team that made it out, to the friends and family we enjoyed hanging and partying with... THANK YOU !!!

    [ photos by Harry Brieffies ]



    FIRST ANNUAL OBEY BBBBBQ !!! [ Unfortunately torrential down pour and the Germany World Cup game kept the homies away ... wamp wamp]




    LEFTO /  GLK /  ONRA


    - ROAM

    Roam / July 17, 2014
  • The Berlin Fiend Club Tonight !!!


    Yes yes, tonight's the night and the buzz around the turnip factor is looking mighty positive !!! Berlin, if you're interested in partaking, please head over to these shops now and snag one of these tickets before we're out. Below... The Info:::








    We'll also be giving away a few of these at the party as well. "OBEY Worldwide" Berlin one-offs... yipes !!! @flooor @brammiedammie

    C. U. N. T.he Crossroadz !!!

    - ROAM

    Roam / July 10, 2014
  • OBEY São Paulo

    Hey, we outchea !! For what, you ask? Our good friends at MAZE invited Tony and I to Brazil. Why? Well, we're still trying to figure that out...

    May 29th !!! Tomorrow !!! OBEY RADIO SAO PAULO... Holy shitskis! Shouts to Skratch Bastid, Tamenpi, and Dubstrong. Looking forward to rocking with everybody in town.

    And available at the grand opening of the new MAZE Augusta Store, we'll be releasing the Sao Paulo collection below !!! (Mid-June) Shouts to Persio for risking his life and running in the middle of the street during rush hour to get this photo...

    Oi, see you soon!

    - ROAM

    Roam / May 28, 2014

    For my EU Bredrens, we've got a special treat in Amsterdam next Saturday, April 19th @ Bar Ludwig. We've been fucking around with the idea of doing another global party, and after the success of OBEY Radio and the places we've been able to host them at, we're excited to bring a few more parties for us to all get together again. PLAYERS FIEND CLUB, an inside joke turnt party for mutants worldwide.

    First up, we have our friends at SOULECTION bless our first PFC_AMSTERDAM show. Respect to FWDSLXSH, Jarreau Vandal, Vincent Paolo, L33 & Joe Kay for doing their thing!! If you're town, please don't sleep... we promise you'll walk home with something to hump !!!

    Saturday, April 19th 10p-3a @ Bar Ludwig - Reguliersdwarsstraat 37 - No Cover


    The Official SOULECTION EUROPE Showcase featuring:




    L33 (NL)

    ROAM (XO)



    Roam / April 13, 2014
  • "ANTE VOS" <3, TEEBS

    We're very proud of our long time friend Mtendere Mandowa a.k.a. TEEBS. He's keeping busy early in the year, with three big releases in the next few months. First, An artshow featuring a new body of work with over 400 reworked 12" covers. Secondly, his long awaited sophomore album under Brainfeeder Records. And, finally, our OBEY Limited Series release set for this Summer. Troll below for more info !!!

    This Friday, Feb 21st @ Space 15 Twenty !!!



    Video by Theo Jemison / Strangeloop




    Also… Mark your calendars... the pre-release party of OBEY's limited Tee Series featuring Teebs will be on Saturday March 8th from 7-10p (PST) at Space 15 Twenty. Don't miss Mixtape, Tote, Free Beers and Tunes from JOE KAY (Soulection), TEEBS, and some loner named ROAM.

    Note: Firsties get the limited stuff we're giving out… details below. See you soon !!!

    - ROAM

    Roam / February 18, 2014

    Hey All...

    Here's some OBEY Art News for those in Europe... Our Friends at OBEY France curated a great show that will be touring all of 2014. They took 13 Artists based in Spain, France, and Portugal and had them give their take on OBEY and how it's influenced their work. Some wild shit coming out of the wood work.

    First Stop, Bordeaux France FEB 04th !!! Please click here for more information - fb.event

    More dates will be announced!!


    - ROAM

    Roam / January 30, 2014
  • Is You Experienced?

    Last Thursday, we celebrated with The Gaslamp Killer & Friends on his actual born day (congrats Scorpios!) and his triumphant return to the stage, presenting his new A/V show "The Gaslamp Killer Experience." The Mayan hit capacity at 9pm, with eager ears wanting to hear new shit and when the lights turned on at 1am, it was like a fatty exiting IHOP... they got what they came for.

    Peace and Love to all the performers and everybody we ran into, and an extra special gout shout to my brother and colleague, Jonathang Furlo for taking these beautiful pictures throughout the night. Hopefully the rest of the world will be able see this show soon... Once the official video is online somewhere, we'll update this post !!!

    - (L-R) Mono/Poly & Free The Robots -


    - Daedelus -

    - Dimlite -

    - Adrian Younge & Venice Dawn -

    - The "Experience" - ... also, Flying Lotus, ... chillin'.

    ... And this is when the Acid kicked in...

    - Souls of Mischief -

    - The Gaslamp Killer Experience -


    - ROAM

    Roam / November 11, 2013
  • RLR EP. 005


    Before we head off on a DMT quest to solve worldly problems, Pubes and I wanted to let you know that we're doing OBEY Radio on Red Light Radio Tomorrow, Wednesday June 26th @ 21:00 (Amsterdam Time) or @ 12 Noon (Pacific Standard Time). Open Format, Open Minds, Open Legs...

    Listen Live on

    Roam / June 25, 2013
  • D-Styles & L.E.T. Japan

    I'm honored to have one of my favorite DJ's and good homie Dave "D-Styles" Cuasito contribute to the blog for a few sessions. Since the early 90's, he's been apart of the underground scratch scene, affiliated with crews such as The Invisibl Scratch Piklz, The Beat Junkies, and now an official Low End Theory Resident. To me, Dave is that low key dude with the funniest sense of humor I know. Left Field Smut!!! Maybe some of you remember his Scratch Record Cover Art or maybe you follow him on Facebook or Vine, you might know what I'm talking about. For those that still don't E.N.O., watch these... (old and new...)


    A few weeks ago, we released the Low End x OBEY Tees for their Japan Tour and I asked Dave to take some photos and report back on how everything was... Here's what he said:

    Thanks ROAM !! Myself, DJ Nobody, Nocando & Daddy Kev arrive at LAX, getting ready to board the new Airbus double decker. You gotta fly SINGAPORE AIR on your next trip to Tokyo. It's so worth it...

    Just landed in Narita! We were greeted by our tour's special guest, Taurus Scott of the Hellfyre Club and G-Unit Family. We are tired as fuck man... Just wanna hit the hotel to crash out real quick.

    Japan has the funniest signs ever. I had my bag stolen here a few years ago when everybody said that Japan was safe and not to worry. Now all these new signs are all around town.

    And this one's straight perverted...

    Just checked into the hotel... Gotta get some sleep... More soon homie !!!

    :: D-Styles ::

    Roam / June 3, 2013

    On May 25th, Low End Theory hits Japan once again. The itinerary: A big show on Saturday in Tokyo with DJ Krush + Residents, and on Sunday, Osaka. If you're far out East, we suggest you head to a smart shop, buy a few viles, ingest, then mozey on over to the party. To celebrate the festivities, we've released another official Low End Theory Logo tee in three new color ways. Most of the inventory was boxed and shipped to Japan, but we were able to hold back a few units for our US friends. Available now in our shop while supplies last. (click here)



    Nobu, our OBEY Japan Head Hunk, has helped coordinate these parties for 5 years now and has grown close to the Low End Theory Japan crew. The leader of the LET Japan team is journalist, label owner, event/party organizer, and DJ/Artist, Masaaki Hara, who holds many titles and has long been a fixture in Japan's music scene. He and his close comrades are considered to be the leading force responsible for introducing the sounds of the underground to an "almost-established" scene and his contributions are frequently demanded by Japan's most reputable music-related publications. His company, "Disques Corde" (formerly "Soup-Disk"), has been running for over a decade. They not only act as a record label to put out music, but also as a hub to invite international artists to Japan and coordinate events. Recently, his focus is introducing the "Los Angeles beat scene" and it's artists to Japan, but is also involved in various endeavors as the founder of the Japanese broadcast chapter of the internet radio station "Dublab," producer of Creative Commons hosted art project "Into Infinity," and Red Bull Music Academy's "Play, Japan!" programs.

    While he and his team are prepping for the upcoming Low End Theory parties with his recent return from attending the Red Bull Music Academy in NYC, Masa was gracious enough to sit down with Nobu and give some insight for our blog. Thank you Masa !! (あなたにマサに感謝)


    Nobu: It's been 5 years since you've brought Low End Theory to Japan, and the reception has been great. Can you tell us how it all started, how people feel about the party, and where the electronic music scene in Japan is heading?


    Masa: I first heard about Low End Theory from Hashim Bharoocha who moved to LA. Afterwards in 2007, I was out in LA for a meeting, had a chance to actually go to Low End, and was very fascinated by their fresh approach. I think the party was still somewhat under-the-radar back then but I was very impressed by the ways the party put focus on performances of beat-makers and producers.

    I've always felt like beat-makers were kind of like stagehands, and even though many made great beats, there were hardly any venues or parties where those beats could be heard on a grand scale. The big parties almost always played fast 4/4 beats instead of slow and heavy. That is why I was intrigued by Low End Theory and wanted to have it in Japan, in hopes of revitalizing the scene here.

    Although we postponed the party in 2011 because of the disaster and it's effects, the reason why the party has been received so well since 2009 is primarily due to the fact that the state of LA's music scene was very stimulating to Japanese ears. Although there is no doubt that the popularity of the LA sound has been overwhelmingly growing, I think it has more to do with the ethics of LA's music community and artists.

    The music scene in Japan is very diverse and there wouldn't be a way to forecast where the electronic and beat music scene will be going but the crowd at Low End Theory Japan has been constantly growing. I hope Low End Theory Japan is, or becomes, an open platform for the people that come to the party.



    N: You're in charge of booking the Japanese artists for the party. Is there a criteria in order for you to choose the local talent to participate in LETJ and Beat Invitational?


    M: When we first planned to hold the Beat Invitational in Japan, I wanted not only the fresh up-and-coming beat-makers and performers to participate but the veterans as well. As the name states, it's an "Beat" Invitational, so there are certain guidelines to follow in regards to playing "Beats",  but I think of it as more of a platform for free expression and try to book artists extensively.


    N: The special guest of this year's party is DJ Krush whom we all know is a legendary artist. How did this come about?



    M: Kev and the residents have been booking artist they respect to play at Low End Theory in LA and SF. DJ Shadow being one of them. I was also informed that DJ Krush was on the top of their list.  I interviewed Gaslamp Killer for a publication while he was in Japan last year and remember him speaking very highly of DJ Krush. That's how influential DJ Krush was to them. The time is ripe, the stars have aligned, and it's finally about to happen. Back in the 90's, I put together a event with DJ Krush, DJ Cam, and DJ Vadim and hadn't been reunited with DJ Krush since. I feel like he's come full circle and to see that his existence has had such a deep influence on Low End Theory is very emotive for me as well.


    N: How does OBEY fit into all of this?


    M: First of all, I'd like to thank you and OBEY for believing in Low End Theory Japan and supporting the party since it's initial stages when we were still groping our ways through the unpredictable . It's great that the connection OBEY has with the artists in LA has transcended over to Japan and our parties so organically. To me, OBEY is not just a fashion brand, and I feel that you guys are vital members of the International music community. What you guys put out musically and the OBEY RADIO parties are of great interest. Whatever you guys put out is steps ahead of the game and we're very proud to have you guys involved.


    N: Any future projects we should know about? Closing comments?


    M: My friends and I have started this year and although it is still only an once-a-week two-hour-show, we hope to expand our broadcast to a more expansive and public radio station in the near future.  Music radio has been relatively conservative in Japan, as compared to the U.S., but I feel it's starting to show signs of change. I look forward to and Low End Theory Japan to play an attractive role in the developmental stages of the musical community here. I'm also excited about the release of a series of music from Japanese artists under my label, disques corde. The project will commence with Coffee&Cigarettes Band (DJ Kensei & Sagaraxx). As a writer, I'm getting ready to publish my second book.



    LOW END THEORY JAPAN [Summer 2013 Edition]

    May 25, 2013 (Sat)

    at UNIT(03-5459-8630)

    OPEN / START : 23:00

    TICKETS: ADV.3,500yen / DOOR 4,000yen

    *20+ w/ID


    special guest











    Beat Invitational: TBA


    For more info, please visit these related links:


    Low End Theory USA Podcasts:


    - NOBU via ROAM

    Roam / May 14, 2013

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