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    Bummed you missed out on New York Fashion Week? Remedy that FOMO and live vicariously through our seasoned fashion blogger Nicole Alyse’s exclusive #OBEYFiendFashionWeek Instagram Takeover.

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    To see more, head over to our OBEY Women's Blog..

    michelle / February 26, 2015
  • Jay Z and Big L Freestyle

    I'm a nostalgic guy and always have a soft spot for the classics in hip hop. This morning I saw the main dude Stretch Armstrong post that 20 years ago today Stretch and Bobbito had Jay Z and Big L on their legendary show. Kind of crazy to hear Jay freestyling and as always Big L rest in peace! Just wanted to pass it on.



    Pubes / February 25, 2015



    Abstract Crafts is a young French collective supported by Obey Clothing France, based in Bordeaux that aims to promote and import locally the Beat Scene music and aesthetics that they consider one of the finest -and also largely underestimated - sonic treats nowadays. First appeared in Los Angeles at venues like Low End Theory, the « Beat Scene » consists in futuristic, eclectic and experimental sonic landscapes that subtly blends instrumental Hip-Hop, trap, boom-bap and bass music with a little dash of psychedelic atmospheres. Sometimes trippy and chilled out, other times more uptempo and lush, its best representatives are Flying LotusThe Gaslamp Killer, the whole Soulection roster, Ras G, Kaytranada, Shlohmo, Nosaj Thing or Tokimonsta…

    Sans titre-1

    Illustration by Faak & Paat Studio dedicated to Abstract Crafts Collective.

    To achieve this goal, the crew focuses mainly on event organization in their South-West hometown and have held more than ten events at the Iboat, a club considered amongst the best in Europe, inviting big names, up and coming producers or local talents.

    On the whole, people were able to assist to performances by the likes of Slugabed (Ninja Tune), Wantigga (HW&W Recordings), Rusty Hook (Rooftops Horizon), Mincha (Raw Records) or more recently, for their first birthday party in January, Stwo and Myth Syzer, two of the best French artists of the movement.

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    10934036_766867013391738_5905258973227492592_n 10934012_766865606725212_3222563733695211930_n


    Photography : Anaïs Vindel

    For their new gig that happens to take place next week, the Flow-Fi record label is in the spotlight as Abstract Crafts is inviting two of their best performers on the roster, Maximus MMC and Sh?m, alongside Paris-based producer and founder of Moose Records Andrea and Bordeaux resident KAK.

    An assurance to spend a really good night in the middle of the week and to dance heavily to the aerial bass driven, synth heavy genre-Melding music that the quatuor will offer to the audience.

    More information on Facebook Event.

    Obey Has A Posse

    obeyfrance / February 25, 2015
  • Montana Cans presents: Between Street and Art | Miami Art Basel 2014


    "More and more Street-Artists and Graffiti-Writers find their way into the professional art world. They create a whole new market that grows with the interests of prominent buyers like Pharell or Swiss Beats. At the same time these two worlds still seem very seperated and only a view Street-Artists are recognized by the Fine Art scene and galleries. During last years Art Basel week in Miami we met Revok, Shepard Fairey and Cleon Peterson, talked about their view on their own developement and heard some interesting tips to make a career in the art world."

    Video Shot by
    Also visit:

    michelle / February 24, 2015
  • one Day in LA


    'Looking for the Perfect Beat' is a cinéma vérité immersion inside the unique Los Angeles "beat scene" music community, centered around the world famous Low End Theory club night. Filmed over the Summer of 2013, we are given the opportunity to elegantly lift the veil on the personal creative processes of the internationally-acclaimed pillars of the scene. Indie music luminaries such as Thundercat, the Gaslamp Killer, TOKiMONSTA, Jonwayne, Baths, Daedelus, Ras G, Teebs, D-Styles, edIT of the Glitch Mob, Astronautica, Free the Robots, and Matthewdavid are all featured in vivid detail. The soundtrack for the film creates itself live on camera as the film elapses. This avant-garde visual angle on each subject in their respective creative spaces provides for an introspective glimpse into what would otherwise be unseen. Told as a 24-hour tour throughout the city, the fly-on-the-wall perspective of 'Looking for the Perfect Beat' archives each artist's studio at this moment in history, revealing something not only universally humanizing about the scene's stars, but also telling of the diverse community in which this group of inter-related artists interact. Directed by seasoned music documentarian Matthew F. Smith, and produced by Low End Theory club founder Daddy Kev, 'Looking for the Perfect Beat' provides a holistic view of L.A.'s key players in this generation's electronic music landscape while instilling hope for the future of cross-cultural creative unions.

    Looking for the Perfect Beat - Trailer from Alpha Pup on Vimeo.

    From Glassell Park to Mount Washington, South Central to the West side, and beyond; the team caught glimpses everyday studio life. They even made it to my small hide out space in OC, and caught me in the middle my rehearsal for my last Boiler Room session.

    Available on iTunes + Vimeo

    IMG_7541FTR HQ

    freetherobots / February 24, 2015

    This past weekend I decided to get some creative juice's flowing and photographed a subject that is one of my favorite things in this world.  Yes, flowers! For the people that know me or if you've every seen my horrible artist series video. Photographing nature is one thing where I'm completely in my element. No stress, no worries, no sense or scale of time, just my camera and endless color.  Enjoy!

    I'll end it with my lazy sidekick who was not impressed at all.




    Furlong / February 23, 2015

    Last week I met up with a buddy of mine that was working on a mural off Las Palmas ave in Hollywood.  To give you a quick back story, I met Fabio  aka Dourone in Malàga back in 2013 while Shepard was working on an eight story mural along side of DFace.  ( Check this VIDEO for a quick recap ) Fabio was one of the numerous artist contributing to the OBEY ICON ARTIST TOUR that was traveling through Europe.  Anyways, Fabio hit the states 3 weeks ago and has been painting non stop, along with help from his wonderful lady Elodie.  Here's some shots of that mural and he'll be working on a new mural in downtown LA soon, so check back for more of his US mural extravaganza. Enjoy!





    IMG_9859 IMG_9864


    Check out Fabio's instagram HERE for more pics:

    Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 4.21.42 PM


    Furlong / February 16, 2015

    Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 12.57.06 PM

    Our dude Grems posted today his latest video, this guy is really hot.. art, music, everything he touch is in fire! …bang,bang he says! Obey has a Posse! The French Posse revolution!

    obeyfrance / February 16, 2015


    Demons were present to share this wild night with an aftertaste of beer.

    The first were called "THE PARROTS". Native of Madrid, they are by far one of the best current rock / garage revelations. Freshly signed on BURGER RECORDS, these 3 Spanish vampires made us travel in their surf/garage 60's music.

    They were accompanied by "DOOM DOOM TORTUGA", which as the name suggests comes from the depths of your nightmares to spread a garage punk of the most energetic.

    Obey Has A Fiend Posse...

    DSC_0021 copie

    DSC_0026 copie

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    DSC_0104 copie

    obeyfrance / February 16, 2015

    Yesterday was a hot one, so I stupidly left a nice air conditioned office and head to LA at 3pm in 90 degree weather in a car with no AC.. because that’s how I role!  I decided to stop by the Deuce to catch up with the crew and snap a couple shots of them working ever so vigorously.

    Bearded Nic always greets me with a smile










    Some print outs getting ready for the streets


    Furlong / February 13, 2015
  • T-Classics, Round 1

    For better or for worse I collect shit. Kind of like how they say a gold fish grows to fit the size of it's tank (I think I heard that somewhere), I collect things to hoarder status. For me, I save mostly records, clothes and stickers, nothing like dead cats or used gum.

    I figured I'd share some favorite T's in my collection, some new, some old, some happen to be OBEY (I was a huge fan before I worked here), some of them just random weirdness. Mostly rock based stuff this time. Hope you dig it because I plan on doing a couple rounds of this. If you don't like it, I hate you and don't ever try to talk to me. Just kidding, I love everyone!

    Peace like nose grease,





    Don't remember where I got this one but it doesn't fit anymore. I', not as skinny as I used to be, so my chick repossessed it. Could be worse things in life than a foxy lady in a Black Sabbath T. Anyone know what year this is from?



    From Sabbath to Black Bart Sabbath. See how I did that! Like a lot of people these days, I'm into bootleg T's especially some Simpson's shit. This is from last year.



    Scored this on Hollywood Blvd, when Hollywood Blvd was scummy. Oh wait, it still is scummy! Was on a ride with my brother and the main man Hassan (check out his work, its super nice! HASSANRAHIM)



    Onto an OBEY shirt also from last year. Shepard did a Record Store Day 7" with OFF! (ESQUIRE article HERE) I really dig OFF! and was personally really into this project. I like how it almost has a Raymond Pettibon feel to it like a Black Flag or other OFF! release but still is inherently Shep's.



    A good sequeway into the next T.  It's a shirt Buddyhead Records put out back in the day. If you don't know what Buddyhead was it was run by this dude Travis Keller and his friend Aaron North (played in a grip of bands like Icarus Line and Nine Inch Nails). These dudes created all sorts of havoc, especially in the early 2000's. Doing things like posting Fred Durst from Limp Bisquit's cell number on their site. Anyway, back to the shirt, it featured a Raymond Pettibon work that I really dig still to this day. I've been trying to track down a print of this for a long time. I guess the T will have to due for now.



    Back to a couple OBEY classics I still love. This is really one of my favorite artist series we ever did. We got to work with the wonderful human being that is Martha Cooper. Martha is a LEGENDARY graffiti photographer that still shoots the biggest names out there and is one of the coolest people you'll ever meet. Follow her Instagram. These shots are from the late 70's in Manhattan when it was like a big playgroup and you could afford to live there.



    That's all for now. Shout out to the Presidents and all the lovers out there this weekend! 




    Pubes / February 13, 2015
  • 10 things to consider for Valentines. A reality check.

    Sarah Roach and myself have rendered a list of why Valentines Day sucks. Guys always think the heats on them, but guess what?  Girls have to fabricate their interest in the odd cliches for the night, and sometimes, it's overkill.  Plus we felt like ranting for a moment. Soak it all in. :)

    1. I don't do chocolate, cavities are a serious business. [AH]

    2. I ain't wearing trashy lingerie for you sucka. What do I look like? [AH]

    3. I don't like formal dates. [AH]

    4. You should treat me like this everyday. [ROACH]

    5. How come you don't clean? [AH]

    6. Everyone that goes out on Valentines are a bunch of sappy larry's. [ROACH]

    7. Every kiss begins with kay my ass- I hate heart shaped jewelry [AH]

    8. "Diamonds will render her speechless" slogan means "this will shut your broad up" [ROACH]

    9. Don't even think about cubic zirconias mang. [AH]

    10. All the girls in middle school with the big boobs who got all the Valentines Day cards are all fat now. [ROACH]

    For the record, we aren't single or miserable, but just wanted to touch on some key points here.  If you sensitives out there may take offense, I will go ahead and utilize the wise words of Christopher Wool:

    Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 9.22.37 AM

    XO Ayumi and Roach.

    For the full rant & other nonsense see more at Obey Womens Blog.

    ayumi Hanaoka / February 13, 2015
  • The Dapper Rebels of Los Angeles

    I just stumbled onto an amazing photo set called  The Dapper Rebels of Los Angeles, originally published in LIFE magazine, July 15, 1966!  While certain fools that will remain unnamed are trying to break the internet - amazing photos like these will undoubtedly save it. Check out the entire photo set here :)  sharing is caring.




    CJ / February 12, 2015



    Seattle friends - Join the OBEY posse at Zebraclub next Friday, February 20th. OBEY x Zebraclub pint glasses to the first 200 people. First 25 people to purchase $50 or more will receive a signed OBEY Giant print. Free PBR and Pizza. LETS RAGE!

    michelle / February 11, 2015
  • Gaslamp Killer in Apple's New iPad Commercial


    Long time friend and supporter of OBEY, The Gaslamp Killer, debuted last night in Apple’s latest commercial all about making music with an iPad. Check the video and take note of the sweet choice in wardrobe !

    If you'll be at Coachella and want to experience these epic iPad skills, you're in luck! See the lineup with The Gaslamp Killer here.

    michelle / February 9, 2015

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