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    Olivia Jaffe, one of our favorite photographers and all around bad ass babe, has been busy touring regularly with metal shredders The Shrine documenting the band and life on the road for the OBEY sponsored West Coast Worship Tour.

    In the midst of all her other projects, Olivia is making her OBEY photography debut with her take on our Women's Summer 2015 collection and flipping it into a zine.

    Check out our road map through the mountains below:



    Shop the look: Reed Sweater Bralette Tank, Marra Short, Laurence Dress


    Shop the look: Reed Sweater Bralette Tank, Marra Short, Laurence Dress


    Shop the look: Reed Sweater Bralette Tank, Marra Short, Laurence Dress


    Shop the look: Samera Shirt Jacket, Ex-Boyfriend Denim Pant, Blythe Short Romper


    Shop the look: Samera Shirt Jacket, Ex-Boyfriend Denim Pant


    Shop the look: Zephyr Dress, Zephyr Bralette Tank, Amaya Dress


    Shop the look: Zephyr Dress, Zephyr Bralette Tank, Amaya Dress


    Shop the look: Marra Military Shirt, Ex-Boyfriend Denim Short, Nightshade Bodysuit, Lean & Mean Denim


    Shop the look: Marra Military Shirt, Ex-Boyfriend Denim Short, Nightshade Bodysuit, Lean & Mean Denim


    Shop the look: Marra Military Shirt, Ex-Boyfriend Denim Short, Nightshade Bodysuit, Lean & Mean Denim


    Shop the look: Marra Military Shirt, Ex-Boyfriend Denim Short, Nightshade Bodysuit, Lean & Mean Denim


    Shop the look: Jessa Dress


    Shop the look: Jessa Dress, Collegiate Watercolor Micro Strip Tank, Ex-Boyfriend Denim Short


    Shop the look: Unholy Venom Moto Tank, Ex-Boyfriend Denim Short, Creepy Crawl Suede Tee


    Shop the look: Unholy Venom Moto Tank, Ex-Boyfriend Denim Short, Creepy Crawl Suede Tee


    Shop the look: Unholy Venom Moto Tank, Ex-Boyfriend Denim Short, Creepy Crawl Suede Tee


    Shop the look: Wandering Sweater Braelette Tank, Laurence Tube Top


    Shop the look: Wandering Sweater Braelette Tank, Laurence Tube Top


    Shop the look: Wandering Sweater Braelette Tank, Laurence Tube Top


    For even more on Olivia and her recent projects, check out, and make sure to read our full feature and interview on the blog.

    michelle / April 27, 2015
  • Dirty Fences hit Europe. Part ONE

    My name is Brayden Olson. I'm a professional photographer and I'm working for the Dirty Fences. I'll be taking pictures of these street-doggies and keep you posted about all our adventures during this 4 week tour all across Europe to promote their new record "Full Tramp". If you want to see us in real life, check out these tour dates:


    Our first stop is Berlin, the land of pilsner and really really long street names. First show in Berlin is Desert Fest , described as "The ultimate heavy/rock/psycho/doom Festival in Berlin" - Scheisser yeah! !


    Jack is having a blast in a bus.


    Chilling timez at Berlin house.


    Preparing for the shows to come.



    True smoker.



    Regular fun with Hershguy.


    Tonight's show is at Schoko's in Bayreuth, Germany. Come party!

    More updates and photos to come!



    Bram Swarte / April 25, 2015
  • Happy Friday

    Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 11.52.46 AM

    Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 11.54.16 AM

    Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 11.55.00 AM

    Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 11.53.16 AM


    Meet our in house photographer Jon Furlong, long time veteran and photographer of Obey and unbeknownst to me until recently... a well versed beer advocate. If these images don't convince you to have a good time, I don't know what will.

    Friday Vibez with Furlong.


    ayumi Hanaoka / April 24, 2015
  • Just Another Day

    Last week, I was fortunate enough to get out from behind the desk ( or the studio ) and head into LA for a couple meetings and some friendly visits with Shepard and other playas around town.  Although I can't show you much of certain stops, here's a little glimpse into the day.

    First stop - Le Deuce





    If you've seen previous posts from the deuce, you may have noticed all the stencils and textures I shoot.  Well this is my normal routine while I'm hanging with the dudes. Digging for days!!  Thanks for the glorious shot @nkb_bluecollar








    Next stop I went to meet up with Pubes and Patrick Rocha over in Pasadena.  Patrick designed our Summer 15 artist series tees, so we got to check out his studio / home and conduct a little interview.  I can't show you much from here, but his feature will be out soon.





    Finally done and it being rush hour in LA, I figured to hit the streets and do the usual hunt for some beautiful paste ups.









    - Furlong

    Furlong / April 22, 2015

    stickersI have stacks of them kept in empty shoeboxes. Growing up I always stuck them on my bedroom door, overlapping each other as I tried to cover all the empty spaces. As shit got lame, a cooler sticker took its place, red faded to pink, corners would slowly peel and collect dust. From covering a MacBook to a Restroom stall they serve as visual entertainment and self-expression. Here are a few stickers from my collection that I managed to save. If you have any laying around send them my way.


    Anything vintage T&C Surf or reference to Hawai'i lands a spot in the keep pile


    I try and remember to grab a sticker when I order a Double-double


    Authentic's and Sk8 Hi's


    Fire starters


    Furnace an old Skate shop, Art Supply Warehouse, As Issued Book store and Greyone an old spot formerly in Pasadena


    Random movie promo stickers are dope, The Man with the Iron Fists starring the RZA


    Some old Gems


    Here are some left over visuals I captured from the Shrine/Dirty Fences show




    Friday is around the corner, Stay Trippy.

    aaron del rosario / April 22, 2015


    We have so many great independent retailers that we try to highlight them from time to time. This week we will focus on the Attic. We recently put a custom buildout in the Attic in Buena Park, California. If you aren't from southern California and aren't familiar with the Attic, they are an independent retailer with 3 shops. They have a vision and brand mix that makes them such a great retailer. Story telling and relationships with the brands they carry are very important to them so we decided to turn the tables and and put the camera on them. Check out the video below:













    michelle / April 21, 2015

    Once a year, thousands of music lovers around the world come together to support and celebrate their local, independent record shops. The event is called Record Store Day. Every year on the third Saturday of April, you can find many of these record stores promoting their own awesome parties to celebrate with exclusive, never-before vinyl releases, in-store performances,  artist signing, and even art exhibits. This past Saturday marked the 8th year since it's existence.. and from the looks of it, it's been getting bigger every year.

    For the last three years on Record Store Day, my friends and I would hit up our local shops to scope out all the new releases and re-releases from our favorite artists .. and also to see who could find the best looking vinyl artwork to hang on our walls. This year I decided to do my searching in Los Angeles. I started my quest early at Origami Vinyl in Echo Park, afterwards made my way over to Vacation Vinyl in Silverlake, and ended my search at the legendary Amoeba Records in Hollywood. After more than half a day of going through endless crates and alphabetized cd shelves, I was pretty stoked on what I found. Loads of amazing artwork from artists I absolutely loved and even artists I never heard of. (I admit, I bought a few vinyls to hang on my wall not because I liked the music on it, but because the artwork was so dope) Anyways, here's  a few of the raddest ones I found, including the new Interpol X OBEY 7-inch collaboration. Check them out.


    418456378249-1418456374037418456378272418456374008ATOZ_7in_JKT418456374022    4184563740047" Sleeve12 Picture Disc [GD30PD]418456373859


    One of my absolute faves was the heart shaped 7" released by Father John Misty (ex Fleet Foxes... RIP) of his single "I loved you, Honeybee". Front man and mastermind J Tillman never ceases to amaze me, on and off stage. Here's a little preview of the vinyl in action:


    Samuel Jacob / April 21, 2015
  • The Ritual of Packing a Record Bag: A Visit to a Local Record Shop

    When preparing for a show the construction of a record bag is a paramount ritual. It forms the facility for the selector to provide an individual musical experience when they place themselves before the altar to perform. (The alter being the space where the turntables and mixer are located during a musical gathering.) The practice of music selection comes with a cultural responsibility of providing the listener with an informed sonic experience that is based in historical foundations and current compositions. Therefore the selector should employ a methodical procedure of selection when assembling their selections before a show. These packing methods can be as ordered or as dysfunctional as the selector chooses, what is important is that an engaging and singular musical experience is delivered.

    This week as part of my own ritualistic custom I made a trip to Gramaphone Records over on Clark Street. I always find that the addition of new material adds an irreplaceable component of excitement in the construction of musical narratives. Plus it is important to support the local record emporiums that serve the community. Throughout the years Gramaphone has been a primary destination to fulfill every dance music junkies needs. I made my first pilgrimage to the original location when I was 14 and have been returning regularly for 25 years.

    2843 N Clark Steet 2843 N Clark Street

    Gavin Russom's latest release on L.I.E.S. lurking in the bins. Gavin Russom's latest release on L.I.E.S. lurking in the bins.

    [soundcloud url="" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=true&show_comments=false&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]

    One of the many groups of listening stations. One of the many groups of listening stations.

    The shop has a long tradition of hiring a knowledgeable staff that is active in the field. During my visit I was able to catch up with M>O>S> recording artist Ike Release and Stripped and Chewed’s Garrett David who have both been putting in extended hours in their recording studios. After catching up with the lads I scoured the walls and scrutinized the bins in search of new releases to add to my continually growing vinyl library. After hours of critical listening I was supplied with a fist full of vinyl that is well suited for my sonic language. Here are a few of those selections.

    Ike Release holding down the mail order department. Ike Release holding down the mail order department.

    Queen resident Garrett David at the front of the house. Queen resident Garrett David at the front of the house.

    Anyone that knows me is aware of my rapturous addiction to acid house and techno. Saying that, I am very suspicious of tracks that rely on the conventions of nostalgia as an attention-grabbing tactic. There is definitely no shortage of those types of records lurking in the bins. This record does not suffer to that approach. Though orthodox in its approach, it sounds fresh and considerate. I am definitely looking forward to dropping this one at the next gathering, and I have a feeling this one is going to be frequently taking up residence in my record bag.

    Jerome Hill - Consumed

    This next one comes directly from the crew at the L.I.E.S. camp and keeps with their avant-garde dance aesthetic. The title feels like homage to the Dance Mania label, but once the needle drops into the groove we are met with something totally different. For me this one is for those moments when you drop the iron gauntlet onto the table. The drum code fits in the traditions of Wax Trax, but is in no way sentimental for the days of stomping your combat boots to the sounds of Front 242. It is a hybrid techno beast that is snarling its razor sharp teeth with conviction.

    Tzusing - 4 Floors of Whores

    Soon after placing the needle onto the groove of this record I knew that it was going to be coming home with me. Though I have not had the chance to play it out yet I can already tell that it is going to serve as a vortex leading to a different space. It could be a candidate for the soundtrack to William BurroughsSoft Machine. (If a film adaptation was made) It is uncanny science fiction that both welcomes and warns. Crème Organization has struck again!

    Photonz - Sad Mania

    Variety is an important factor for me, and this new Audio Soul Project edit of  Nathan Drew Laresen's remix of Little Turtles was just the fix. It sits in an ideal harmonic contrast to the other selections. Nathan has located a liminal space that exists between fragile and formidable. Haunted vocals, mysterious synth lines, and assertive drums all oblige to her considerate programming technique. Nathan has a long history of loosing herself on the dance floor. From the original Club Medusas location on School and Sheffield, to weekly trips to The Rear and countless mornings in front of speaker stacks in Chicago warehouses. In my opinion, this remix radiates with reverberations from those experiences.

    Little Turtles - Souls Found - (Nathan Drew Larsen Machine Mix - ASP Edit)

    Chicago native Justin Long discovered his fascination for uncanny music at an early age when his mother entrusted him with her record collection that spanned from UK punk to American dance. This  served as a gateway, stimulating his journey into the sonic vortex. As a child of Medusa’s on Sheffield, Long gained a higher level of musical education. His weekly pilgrimages to this venue’s all-ages hedonistic dance parties supplied a compelling musical concoction of acid house, UK bleep, industrial and new wave. Possessed by these unorthodox forms of music, Long purchased his first set of turntables and began to collect 12-inch singles from local record shops. Though his intentions were solely to pander to his musical appetite in the privacy of his bedroom, this acquisition proved to be the genesis of a voyage that continues to present him with new challenges that are met with an unforgiving dogmatic approach.

    Long can be found on every third Saturday at Hugo Ball, a gathering that was founded with music collaborators, Nathan Drew Larsen and Sevron. In 2014 Long was officially named Senior Resident of Smart Bar Chicago.



    justin long / April 21, 2015
  • Video Premiere: Dirty Fences, "Judy (Don't Go)"

    OBEY has been sponsoring the West Coast Worship Tour with The Shrine and Dirty Fences and today, Nylon Magazine premiered the video for Dirty Fences "Judy (don't go)", a cheeky cross between a vintage Ed Sullivan Show performance and a John Waters movie that features the boys hamming it up in drag. Director Brayden Olson had this to say about the clip: "Heavily inspired by the Shangri-Las and cross dressing, I wanted to really do my inspiration justice. Mischa G killed it on the hair, which is all their own except the platinum blonde!" Check it out below :

    Video courtesy of NYLON Magazine

    michelle / April 20, 2015
  • GIANT nails.

    Every time I get my nails done, I can never settle with a template from a magazine.  The toughest seasons are always Spring and Summer because all the nail designs are pastel colored with flowers and cute shit.  I…. don’t do that. My nails typically follow a certain criteria of two things: dark and dangerous.

    I have always been obsessed with anything chicano related, and/or gang influenced.  The culture absolutely fascinates me and I find the artwork associated with it to be one of the most beautiful tattoo styles.  With that, I’ve always been a major fan of Mike Giant’s art. I cruised several different pieces of his, and landed on a Mike Giant x Tom Gilmour print, and I basically went nuts from there.

    Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 8.06.28 AM

    IMG_1364 IMG_1369

    I chose the two chiefs, the knife, the gun, and cut the sun’s face in half on my thumbs. I then had my nail artist add a layer of foiled roses on top of a few, sprinkled in some gold studs and ended with some dolla dolla bill signs. Yes, they are seriously sharp and lethal, but they have comical spins of nonsense.  :)

    Some of the other pieces that inspired me were these lovely ladies

    Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 8.09.33 AM

    Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 8.09.19 AM

    With two and a half hours to kill, I started getting curious in collaborations Shepard may have worked on with Mike Giant. I saw a couple prints between the two from back in 05 on ObeyGiant.  While Mr. Mike Giant is off and galavanting with Rebel8, it doesn’t surprise me that he and Shep worked together long before that. Check these out:

    Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 8.50.22 AM


    & there you have it.  Giant vs Giant. Held back in the day at Voice 1156 Gallery in SD. You can read and see more here.

    For more on the claws, see weapons of choice.


    ayumi Hanaoka / April 17, 2015


    Last night the posse headed over to Open House Creative  in Costa Mesa, CA for a traditional monotype print making session.  Open House Creative is a collective focused on providing a place where adults and kids; novices and masters can come together and participate in various workshops from illustration & painting, to ceramics and a wide gamut of other artistic creation.  It just so happens that our Visual Marketing guru's wife is also the studio director there - huge thanks to Michele Lujan for inviting us degenerates over to crash your space! You can check out all the workshops they offer and sign up here.




    This large printing press was our workhorse for the night


    Finger painting and color theory



    'Deadly Cool' with Otis Carey & Jamie Browne currently on display in their gallery


    Artist, Danny Schutt showing us novices how it's done.




    Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday night, tapping into some right brain activities for the sake of pure creation and spontaneity.


    Brent & Aaron wrapping up some graphics for the next catalog (just playin... or am i?)


    A couple more sessions and a couple more puffs and I think I might actually make something good enough to wrap up for Mother's Day.




    CJ / April 16, 2015
  • I / YOU / HE / SHE / IT / WE / THEY Show Recap

    OBEY PRESENTS – I - U - HE - SHE - IT - WE - THEY from OBEY CLOTHING on Vimeo.


    Last Saturday, we celebrated the opening of the OBEY womens sponsored art show I / YOU / HE / SHE / IT / WE / THEY at the Known Gallery in LA  featuring  a collaboration of  works by visual artist (and former OBEY artist series artist)Blanda, photographer Silke Labson, and musician Kilo Kish.

    The motive behind the show started with the thinking as young motivated females in an industry highly led by the opposite sex, they wanted to unite to elevate their artistic expressions through a harmonious conglomerate of work. This female alliance took the pronouns I / YOU / HE / SHE / IT / WE / THEY and used them to portray their own perceptions of society as they pay homage to their social interactions.

    The result is a multifaceted collection of personal works channeled through various media. Over time and through life experiences, these artists intuitively develop their own impressions of what it means for us to live in a creative world—the common thread behind their work.






     Silke Labson and her photographsStephen-Paul_I-you-he-she-it-we-they-22



    Kish Kilo and her sculptureStephen-Paul_I-you-he-she-it-we-they-29


     Kish Kilo's artwork


    Blanda and her illustrations



















    Photo credit: Stephen Paul Photo: 

    OBEYWomens / April 14, 2015


    There's a lot to love about Long Beach, it's an eclectic city blended up with all things weird and magical. And one of those magical things is happening this Sunday, the 12th. You can catch a concentrated glimpse of over 100 zinesters at the first annual Long Beach Zine Fest at the Museum of Latin American Art, or MOLAA if you speak strictly in acronyms.



    Check out the website for articles on featured artists, pre-events and a schedule of day of workshops and panels.

    See you creepers there!

    michelle / April 9, 2015

    Interpol is one of Shep's favorite bands to come out in the last few years, and he approached Paul Banks, the singer, after a show a few years ago and told him he was a big fan and offered to do some artwork for them. They became friends, and eventually Paul called Shepard and said that Interpol was releasing a new record, and to promote the release they didn't just want to throw a party, they wanted to have art spaces, and they wanted him to create artwork and curate the spaces. Shep shot some photos of the bands and borrowed some photos from them, then re-illustrated all of it and made mixed-media pieces that combined his drawings with the original photos, and finally deconstructed everything by showing the photos and the process along with the new pieces.


    "We just completed the LA version of the Interpol collaboration in Echo Park. It’s great timing since, like many of you, I’m going to see them this weekend at Coachella. There’s also a 7-inch coming out that we worked on together for Record Store Day, coming up on April 18. Support your local record shop and pick it up. We’ll be selling 150 of the 7-inches releasing on April 28 so if you can’t find it in a shop, check our website. More will be posting soon, thanks as always for caring!"




    For all you collectors out there, the 7-inch album cover is a super matte finish that makes the imagery pop.


    Combined with the Interpol Mural and Record Store Day 7-inch, Shepard simultaneously designed this Limited Edition 'Interpolation' Tee. Make sure to pick one up this weekend at Coachella or your local tour stop. Can't make it out? Order your shirt via Interpol's webstore or Obey before they're gone!


    michelle / April 9, 2015
  • Friday Night Blight with The Shrine and Dirty Fences


    We've been sponsoring the West Coast Worship Tour with The Shrine (Venice) and Dirty Fences (NY). We had done a tour with these dudes in Europe at the end of last year and put out a zine (with HUF) and had a rad time so decided to do it again. So on Friday we threw an extra special LA event. It was free to get in, with free beer and rum compliments of Pabst and Sailor Jerry. The vibe was right, the music and pants were tight, and everything turned out alright (cops didn't break it up).

    In case you weren't hip to what we were throwing down he's a photo recap of the night.


    Olivia Jaffe, one of the contributors to the zine we released for the Euro Tour, showed her work in the front of the space.




    The Vandeleros and their vans were in full effect out front all night.


    Before the chaos started.


    Dirty Fences played first, sporting an impressive sound and impressive bulges.





    Digging that shirt! Available now HERE.


    The Shrine going off.




    Thanks to Chris from LA RECORD and LSDJ's for laying down the sweet, sweet sounds between bands.


    This dude gets it.


    Thank you, goodnight!


    Photos by: Sarah Roach

    Catch the tour in a town near you! Happening now.


    Pubes / April 8, 2015

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