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  • The Shrine in Japan - PART III

    Well, Osaka was completely out of control on multiple levels.

    IMG_0891First stop we made after getting in from Kyoto was a vintage shop owned by our buddy, Shin, called Giant Baby (for some undisclosed reason).

    IMG_0894Upon entering, he quickly pointed out one of the most important artifacts of the last two centuries, a tool used to alter the course of history forever, which he now owns. This was his reaction to Josh's reaction to acquiring this new, mind-boggling knowledge.

    IMG_0906One of the first hand-cut, hand-drawn, glued-together skateboards to come out of the original Dogtown era. Shin purchased this holy grail from Wes Humpston himself, one of Dogtown's own creators, and the artist responsible for their iconic, untouchable, image.


    IMG_0913Next stop was Time Bomb Records.

    IMG_0914Categorized to an overwhelming amount, yes. But giving Nick Lowe sort of his own 7" section is definitely something I can get behind.

    IMG_0920More insanity to drool over.

    IMG_0924Flyer up in the shop for last night's show.

    IMG_0928Kazunko from Black Humor Control (direct support) RIPPING.






    IMG_0945Jeff talking politics with our buddy, Gabe, from Oakland.


    IMG_0949"Squat of Art"

    IMG_0967 2One of the radder people we've met on this trip - this Obey star was his first tattoo, and Rodney Bingenheimer is his personal savior.




    IMG_0961 2Brotherhood.

    IMG_0968 2Yakuza?

    IMG_0972 2Party.

    IMG_0983 2

    IMG_0985 2

    IMG_0989 2

    IMG_0995 2

    IMG_0999 2And The Shrine kills again.

    Today your Kanazawa, tomorrow the Gunma.



    Olivia Jaffe / August 28, 2015
  • Emo Night has a Posse

    On the 1st Tuesday of every month guest DJs from a variety of iconic bands come to spin Emo/ Pop-punk throwback sing-along hits and people go nuts for it. Their previous lineups have included everyone from the likes of Blink 182, Piebald, Sugarcult, Let Live and more.  Showcasing at the Echoplex this next Tuesday on September 1st, Obey has teamed up with the innovative creators of Taking back Tuesday, T.J. Petracca, Babs Szabo, and Morgan Freed, for a collaboration that feeds those who may be the last standing frontiers of the desolate genre who thrived off of melancholy nostalgia and 'sad-as-fuck' ballads.While we have built our fundamentals as a brand based off of the subversive roots of punk, skate culture, and hip hop; working with Emo Night LA stands for a greater cause, shakes shit up, and aims for change which we have common ground in. Similarly in line with our Awareness program, these amazing individuals have come up with the idea to donate a percentage of the proceeds from all their events towards a charitable cause, this next one being for A21, a non-profit organization that aims to abolish human-trafficking worldwide.  

    If you're ready to let your cool guy guard down, sing your heart out like a moron, and have a blast, come join the posse.

    Where: The Echoplex  (21+)

    1822 Sunset Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90026

    When: September 1st

    Follow them @:




    ayumi Hanaoka / August 27, 2015
  • The Shrine in Japan - PART II

    Hello again. It's Olivia, and I'm back with more tour updates from the front line of action/Japan herself. We've spent the last day and a half reaping mostly the culinary benefits of this glorious country in the city of Kyoto - also appropriately known as "the city of ten thousand shrines."

    IMG_0708The Shrine at one of Kyoto's ten thousand shrines, Kinkaku-ji/Temple of the Golden Pavilion.


    IMG_0719Tsuyoshi - the legend responsible for Felem Skates and bringing us all the way to East Asia. Also the one holding our hands as we hopscotch our way across the country.

    IMG_0687Court and Jeff immortalizing their tickets to ride.

    IMG_0700Shrine + Felem FOREVER.

    IMG_0696Action shot at the Golden Pavilion.

    IMG_0724A small selection of the various good fortune candles found at the Golden Pavilion.

    IMG_0731Fushimi Inari-taisha/head shrine of Inari. The earliest structure on this property was built in 711. Coincidentally, there are a lot of 7-11's in Japan.

    IMG_0742The Shrine at the shrine.

    IMG_0763Our friend Daniel from Sweden, who is now living in Indonesia, came to hang with us for a few days. Here he is in the forest with his skateboard.

    IMG_0750And here I am figuring out how sunglasses work under some torii.

    IMG_0785The Shrine's killer Japan tour t-shirt selection - thanks Obey!

    IMG_0788Court threatening everyone with his newly acquired karate skills.

    IMG_0791Couldn't agree more.

    IMG_0813Tonight's show at Gattaca in Kyoto.


    IMG_0845Boring crowd.


    IMG_0837Apparently Cinderella was there.

    IMG_0834               IMG_0849

    IMG_0869Spotted/ALL HAIL.


    Tomorrow's show is at HOKAGE in Osaka:

    KASADOMART buildings B1F/B2F,2-9-36, Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku


    Olivia Jaffe / August 26, 2015
  • Shootin' Sh*t With Silke Labson


    (Photo Credit: Jack Wagner)

    From new beginnings, trial and errors, taking over a boutique in New York City, Silke Labson tells all. We were able to catch up with Labson during our most recent shoot with her (images below) and she was awesome enough to fill us in on who she is, how her name 'Shown to Scale' came about, and offer up some advice for those who have always imagined turning their dedications and devotions into a booming business. I'll let Silke take it from here...


    (Shop the feature: City Moto Suede Jacket, Astor Knit, Comstock Bucket Hat)

    Since I was a kid, I never liked to do anything the traditional way. When I would go shopping with my Mom at 6, I would make her buy two pairs of Keds in two different colors so I could wear one color on each foot.  So, when I was asked to be interviewed by OBEY, I decided I would just write a long blurb about myself.  As much as I would love to be asked who my top 5 inspirations for my work are - I had to pass - I just get bored easily. Sooooo, here we go...

    For the past year I have been doing photography and styling for a living.  And yes, I do both at the same time on the same shoot.


    (Shop the feature: City Moto Suede Jacket)


    (Shop the feature: Astor Knit, Comstock Bucket Hat)

    It was all an accident that this all happened. I took photo classes at community college a long long time ago and then took a hiatus from shooting for almost 8 years.  Telling myself that I had to get a real job that would pay the bills instead of shooting babes in cute clothes.

    During that photography hiatus, I worked in SF and NY in the big ol' world of fashion with Betsey Johnson and then Marc Jacobs.  In NY I moved on to owning my own store and clothing line - Shown To Scale - which is where my instagram handle derived from.  Then, 3 years ago I moved back to California and started my life all over again in my late 20's.


    (Shop the feature: Astor Knit, Comstock Bucket Hat)


    (Shop the feature: Livingston Bralette Tank)
    Photo & Styling : @showntoscale // HMA: @tksmakeup // Models: @hadenmckenna from @twomanagement and @AnnaSophiaMoltke from @wilhelmina_LA

    Even with a badass resume - I started from the bottom.  I worked for free on sets. Did bitch work. And hustled 7 days a week.  I began attempting to do styling which, I had never done before. That led to me being on photoshoots constantly.  And then a camera came back into my hands.

    I purchased an Olympus Stylus Epic on eBay and started shooting film for fun. I had only ever learned on film so digital is still a mystery to me. I'm like an old person who just got an iPhone.  My first roll of film that I got back made me realize I needed to start shooting again. A photo from that first roll after 8 years was actually featured in Monster Children.

    Link to issue:

    Monster Children

    I also had my first gallery show this year at Known Gallery with OBEY being one of the badass sponsors:

    I'm still hustling everyday being my own manager, handling my own accounting and living in an apartment that is more like an office/styling closet than a home. But, I couldn't really do it any other way. If this is what it takes to be able to take photos and style for a living, then I'll sleep in between garment racks and store my blocks of cheese next to rolls of film in the fridge. Because those are really the only two things I need to survive. ;)

    - Silke Labson

    For more from Silke Labson...




    michelle / August 26, 2015


    Biarritz is a coastal city in the south west of France well known for his touristic invasion during summer season.

    Time for us to show them how to party and our mission was successfully performed.

    This first - Obey Tropical Party - burnt the dancefloor with the help of our Obey Posse Grems, Feivo and Easyset.

    Those guys found some pearl from funk - groove to broken beat, house, deep house pearl to put everybody under pression.

    - Grems - hiphop singer, designer, illustrator



    - Feivo -



    We would like to thanks "le Bar de la Plage", their amazing staff, Sailor Jerry rum and Marjorie for their support, all of you guys who came over to rock the party.

    See you next time













    obeyfrance / August 26, 2015
  • XXX Amsterdam Pop up store

    Oh city of Amsterdam, how can we resist doing another pop up store? Well we can't, so we're back and we are opening our doors this friday at 17h00 AMS time (that means 5pm). You will be able to find us upstairs (2nd floor) from our dear friends Ben-G. Find all information on this beautiful flyer:


    For the opening this coming Friday we are launching the Fall '15 Artist Series by Father Futureback and we even made a separate flyer for it:

    FlyerFlyer blog

    At the event there will be this limited edition screen printed poster available to accompany the Artist Series. But even better is that the poster is also a tattoo flash for the event and you pick one and get a free tattoo on the spot by Kim Papanatos, if you are in time that is.

    ff screen print

    Come out and drink some beers with us that Warsteiner hooked us up with! Otherwise the pop up store will be open 7 days a week for another month. Keep checking back here and on our social media for special releases and events. See you soon.


    Sebas / August 25, 2015

    Last week I saw the mighty Wu's very own Ghostface Killah a.k.a. Big Ghost a.k.a Tony Starks perform nothing but the classics to a packed $5 house at the Observatory. New York lyricism and rhythmic bass lines echoed through youthful and wise ears.


    Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


    Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


    Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset


    Over the weekend I enjoyed the visuals of Mike Miller's solo gallery opening at Dax Gallery. The entire gallery was painted with fresh white paint, wall to wall and every inch of the floor. Miller's work is iconic, epic and legendary, capturing the likes of Tupac, Eazy-E, Ice Cube to name a few. The show runs until October 10th, I highly recommend checking this out.

    Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset


    Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset










    Later that night I headed over to East/West Vintage shop in Chinatown to catch the stores first Pin & Patch show. Featuring some of todays most clever and creative Designers/Illustrators. Chego and Pok Pok Thai Restaurant encompass the plaza and your sure to meet a few interesting people in Chinatown.










    Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset


    - Friday is around the corner



    aaron del rosario / August 24, 2015
  • The Shrine in Japan - PART I


    We crash-landed in Tokyo yesterday afternoon.


    And were immediately tracked down for an interview with the popular Japanese television show, "Why Did You".


    After narrowly escaping the clutches of Japanese TV Land with the help of our Felem father Tsuyoshi, we headed to our friend (and occasional Shrine artist) Verdy's art show at Kit Gallery in Harajuku, where he proceeded to blow our minds with his killer paintings and sketches.

    IMG_1959_2Wolf Ripper illustration he did for this tour.








    We finished off the night exhausted and sweating in a dark, smoky, Korean BBQ spot in Shibuya, exactly how the first night of any Japanese tour should end.




    Tonight's show is at Fever in Tokyo.

    Shin-daita building 1F, 1-1-14 Hanegi, Setagaya-ku

    And the insanity officially begins.



    Olivia Jaffe / August 21, 2015

    Haroshi needs 800 old/used skateboard decks to create a huge art piece in Osaka and your help to collect all of those decks. If you have old beat-up decks laying around, donate a couple (two or more), and in return, receive a free t-shirt designed exclusively for this project (while supplies last). H.L.N.A Skatepark will start accepting donations starting August 22nd.

    H.L.N.A Skatepark: 1-1-10 Aomi Koto-Ku Tokyo 135-0064 Japan (7th Floor of DiverCity Tokyo Plaza)

    Oh, if you don't know about Haroshi or his awesome art, check his website. Skate and destroy! and create!


    "LIVE AND LET LIVE PROJECT" とは2015年11月19日にOPENする、H.L.N.A ZONE OSAKA EXPOCITYに、HAROSHI氏が製作予定の超巨大アートピースに必要な古デッキを集める壮大なプロジェクトです。製作に必要な古デッキは約800枚。アートを完成させるためには、日本中のスケーターの協力が必要です。そこで、古デッキを2枚以上提供して頂いた方には、このプロジェクトのためにHAROSHI氏が手掛けたイラストがプリントされた限定Tシャツ(非売品)をプレゼント致します。古デッキと引き換えに是非このプロジェクトにご参加ください。※Tシャツがなくなり次第終了とさせて頂きます。

    受付場所:H.L.N.A SKATEPARK東京都江東区青海1-1-10 ダイバーシティー東京プラザ7F・TEL:03-5579-6991

    OBEYJapan / August 20, 2015
  • Artist Spotlight: YKMS

    AH OG

    For the last couple years, YKMS (Yall Know My Steelo) has slowly been making his mark in the Los Angeles art scene. I recently heard about his work from Obey fave Deladeso a few weeks ago and was immediately impressed. His work was mostly black and white (which was right up my alley) and the subjects are recognizable characters mashed up, some of known celebrities in Star Wars themed cloaks or Star Wars characters in Yeezy Adidas sneakers. I love that shit.  YKMS is definitely doing something unique and he's only just getting started. Expect to see more of this dude's dope work popping up in your instagram feed thoughout the year.

    While growing up on the streets of San Bernardino, he recalls chilling in the backseat of his older cousin's 92' Camry driving around bumping 2pac, Snoop, warren G and Dr Dre. When asked about his alias he stated, "I got that from a hook on a song I first heard in 1996 called The Message by NAS." YKMS is clearly no stranger to the west coast and it definitely shows in his work as well. His inspiration draws from Schwarzenegger flicks to Star Wars, Wu-Tang to Kanye. He says, "I get the things I love then I smash em together like an Idaho potato." Well it definitely explains why I dig his work so much. His take on artistry is modern with a touch of nostalgia, with a clever and unique spin.. all qualities that make for incredibly cool art.

    St E






    Check out more of YKMS’s work on his website and Instagram.


    Samuel Jacob / August 20, 2015
  • Recap of Echo Park Rising


    Photo: Sean Gutierrez Photo: Sean Gutierrez


    Last week we told you about a really dope music festival called Echo Park Rising in Los Angeles. Once a year, the annual neighborhood event curates the best in music, creativity, diversity and small businesses in Echo Park and showcases them all FOR FREE!! From punk rock bands to electronic artists, comedy and storytelling acts, this festival had quite the array of talent to keep us entertained all weekend. Though I was a pretty hungover still from the first two raging nights to fully enjoy Sunday's selection of talent, but overall the experience was great. Hundreds of amazing artists coming together for this event made it hard to choose which to cover so we slimmed it down to our top three. Here's a few bands we checked out and loved over this past weekend.




    Photo: Sean Gutierrez Photo: Sean Gutierrez


    Photo: Sean Gutierrez Photo: Sean Gutierrez


    Photo: Sean Gutierrez Photo: Sean Gutierrez


    Photo: Sean Gutierrez Photo: Sean Gutierrez

    You can check out more of Superhumanoids on their social medias and website:




    Photo: Sean Gutierrez Photo: Sean Gutierrez


    Photo: Sean Gutierrez Photo: Sean Gutierrez


    Photo: Sean Gutierrez Photo: Sean Gutierrez


    Photo: Sean Gutierrez Photo: Sean Gutierrez



    You can check out more of Liphemra on their social medias and website:


    Little Wolves


    Photo: Sean Gutierrez Photo: Sean Gutierrez


    Photo: Sean Gutierrez Photo: Sean Gutierrez


    DSC03803 Photo: Sean Gutierrez


    Photo: Sean Gutierrez Photo: Sean Gutierrez




    You can check out more of Little Wolves on their social medias:


    Samuel Jacob / August 20, 2015
  • Big in Japan

    The first (and only) time I went to Japan, I was 16. There were booze vending machines, exotic tourist shops with Pikachu-shaped contraceptive devices, and lots of people walking around that resembled David Bowie's character, Jareth, in Labrynth. It was the land of dreams I didn't even know I had, and endless possibilities.

    On Thursday, I'm going back, almost 10 years later. Only this time, it'll be with the fiercest rock & roll triumvirate I know.

    Tour dates go like this:

    AUG 22nd TOKYO at FEVER
    AUG 23rd YAMANASHI at GEN’S pool side
    AUG 26th KYOTO at Gattaca
    AUG 27th OSAKA at HOKAGE
    AUG 28th KANAZAWA Manier
    AUG 29th GUNMA at BLOCK


    Tell your friends, family, anyone, and everyone who might be around the aforementioned parts of the world to come out and learn a thing or two about the power and strength of the jam. And what is the absolute icing on the cake is that OBEY has made some killer merch specifically for these shows/this tour.

    Stay tuned for more updates live from the source over the next couple weeks. Absolutely cannot wait to share the insanity with y'all.

    Olivia Jaffe / August 18, 2015
  • RJD2

    Over the weekend I saw the Legend RJD2 do a pure vinyl set with the help of live drumming on an MPC. Steel Pulse brought out the smoke, and Sunday was ninety plus degrees scorching hot and full of Flea Market fire.

    Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

    RJD2 made the intro music to Mad Men and Wells Fargo commercials

    Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

    Steel Pulse Live at the OC Fair


    Pendleton greatness

    Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

    Flea Market fire

    Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset


    Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset


    Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset


    aaron del rosario / August 17, 2015
  • Artists To Watch At Echo Park Rising

    This weekend marks the 5th year of Echo Park Rising's annual neighborhood event which curates the best in music, creativity, diversity and small businesses in Echo Park. With numerous stages and activities throughout the weekend, this totally free fest is a must-attend, and LA music geeks really have no excuse to miss it. Though at times it can get pretty tight and crowded, if you're determined and patient enough to fight through the crowds you'll find that there's a huge spectrum of talented punks, alt-rockers, garage bands, electronic artists, comedy and storytelling acts, and you’ll find plenty of gems worthy of the struggle.

    If you haven't checked out the lineup so far, take a look at it now. The festival definitely showcases a well representation of the different scenes and genres coming out of Los Angeles. The headlining lineup this year is surprisingly exciting too and definitely worth going to all three days. And I mean come on, it's FREE. Can't beat free right? Well I could list probably 30 bands on this flyer that i could say are definitely worthy of checking out but i'm going to slim it down to 5 just to give you an idea of what EPR has to offer this weekend. Check out my 5 picks below..




    1. Superhumanoids

    When: Saturday

    BIO: In the summer of 2010, Superhumanoids was birthed under the hazy air and bright blue skies of Los Angeles. A fascination for electronic sounds, instruments, pedals, and more, aesthetically united Max, Sarah, and Cameron. Like a petri dish growing each day, the band spent their time together intertwining and experimenting with their R&B upbringings and love for pop music. Bartered studio time, extensive touring, and the release of two EPs set the stage for what was to come and in the fall of 2011 these forces coalesced to create Exhibitionists.

    Exhibitionists is the soundtrack to the last moments of dusk in LA. With swooning guitars, glimmering air, soaring melodies, the setting sun, and melting keyboards, something about the whole thing makes your breath stop short. Developed in the home studios of the Superhumanoids, the record takes a completely hands on approach from the trio. With each synth and guitar sound being completely made from scratch, the record brings a homegrown feel that encapsulates the thumps of the beating heart and lulls of swaying palm fronds from LA. And just as the record takes those elements and brings them to life, the live performance of Exhibitionists only continues to further that distinction. Despite being wrapped in an electronic blanket, the trio unravels each songs core to take the listener on a journey that highlights the living R&B undertones and driving groove that brings to light the soul of the record. What is found in the sticky air of the city of angels is found here in Exhibitionists, to ease between the spaces of your body, make you dance, and bring you home.



    2. Maudlin Strangers

    When: Saturday - 7:00pm - Echoplex Stage

    Bio: Maudlin Strangers is the solo project of Agoura Hills, CA native Jake Hays.  Recorded in Hays’ bedroom, the debut Overdose EP started as an “opportunity to play each instrument,” says Hays. “Live, I only get to play guitar and sing, so the recording process is my outlet to write and play different instruments.” What can only be described as dark-indie-rock, the 4-track EP combines somber lyricism masked by light, upbeat melodies. Hays not only writes all the music, but he designs all the band’s artwork as well.  “ The EP is just an expression of all the thoughts in my weird, creepy mind,” Hays laughs. The result is an ambient yet catchy body of work with hints of MuteMath and even Pink Floyd strewn throughout.

    Overdose EP will be available nationwide on January 20, 2015 via Vagrant Records.


    4. Little Wolves

    When: Friday - 9:20pm - Sesac Stage (Taix Restaurant Lounge)

    Bio: Little Wolves is the project of longtime collaborators and Los Angeles producers Samuel Jacob and Ronnie Watson...

    The duo, who started writing music together in 2010, are set to release their debut digital two-song single featuring “Home” and "Lost My Mind" on June 16th via Red Bull Sound Select.Both tracks were produced by the famed Andre Anjos, the visionary behind Remix Artist Collective, better known to the musical world as RAC. RAC rose to international prominence with reinterpretive remixes of songs for The Shins, Kings of Leon, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Washed Out and others. Little Wolves fresh new sound of lush 80's synths, psychedelic guitars, pulsating bass, and heavy beats is married perfectly with RAC’s fusion of rock and dance music sensibilities.



    3. Pearl Charles

    When: Sunday - 5:30pm - The Echo Stage

    Bio: At the young age of 23, Pearl Charles already has deep roots in the Los Angeles music community. An LA Native, Pearl embodied California rock and roll cool even before she took her natural position as a figure in the local music scene (and beyond). Pearl started logging miles on the road with her first band, old-timey Americana duo The Driftwood Singers, at age 18, followed by a lengthy stint drumming and singing in garage-pop band, The Blank Tapes. The Blank Tapes toured extensively and earned accolades from Rolling Stone and The New Yorker for their sunny lo-fi surf rock. Along the way, Pearl collaborated with artists such as Jonathan Wilson, Stephen McBean (Black Mountain), Farmer Dave Scher (Beachwood Sparks) and Johnathan Rice and toured extensively internationally supporting diverse artists such as Father John Misty, Matt Costa, Thee Oh Sees, Kim Deal, The Growlers, Allah Las and Mystic Braves to name a few, as well as earning a BFA in Music from CalArts.
    Embarking on a solo career in 2015, Pearl is set to solidify her own name and place by releasing a 6 song debut EP on Burger Records this summer. Pearl recorded her self-titled EP track by track with a select group of producers and a little help from her friends, many of whom are notable L.A. musicians in their own right including Joel Jerome (La Sera, Cherry Glazerr) and Taylor Locke (Rooney). Though she draws inspiration from the legendary scenes of the 60's and 70's, from Laurel Canyon to The Factory, from Haight-Ashbury to Muscle Shoals, she also counts contemporary artists amongst her influences such as Tame Impala, Mac DeMarco, Sharon Van Etten and Jenny Lewis, to name a few. Pearl Charles writes and sings songs with a distinctly unique voice, creating a sound that is both timeless yet undeniably here, now.


    5. Liphemra

    When: Saturday - 9:00pm - Buzzbands Stage (Taix Restaurant Lounge)

    Liphemra, the creative endeavor of  Los Angeles drummer Liv Marsico is still technically in its infancy, having only released demos to date. The quartet consists of Liv (drums & vocals), Trey Finley (guitar), Miles Gray (Bass) & Chris Parise (drums). Liphemra has performed to sold out crowds, sharing the stage with artists such as Connan Mockasin, Jessy Lanza, Young Fathers & most recently supporting Algiers on their west coast shows. For most of 2015 they have been in the studio preparing proper recordings.. all of which have been self recorded & mixed. They will be releasing material in July and preparing to drop an EP later this year. In the meantime they'll keep melting faces with their live show.





    Samuel Jacob / August 13, 2015
  • Emerging Artist of the week: Hunny

    11161707_391770667614458_8810256075395953092_o HUNNY is Jason Yarger, Jake Goldstein, Jacob Munk, Gregory Horne, Kevin Grimmett, and Joey Anderson.


    So a couple months ago I stumbled upon a very rare breed of musicians. It was a Monday night in Silverlake and I was meeting up with my homie Bryan Sammis (aka Olivver) at this cool music venue called Bootleg Theatre. He had been telling me about his friends new band and how they booked their own residency at the venue and had been slaying every night. So this particular night I decided I just had to check these dudes out. Upon arriving to the venue, I realized that I had walked right into the middle of an incredible music scene that has been brewing up some amazing talent this past year. Members of The Neighbourhood, Maudlin Strangers, and Royaljag were just a few of the talented musicians that came out to watch and support the band. So now the band gets up on stage. The lights lower and the projector starts playing a video behind them.

    It's Space Jam.. Yes the 90's classic featuring Micheal Jordan and Bill Murray.

    The band shreds through their set with explosions of vibrant energy and sound while the lead singer's nostalgic voice conveys enough angst and attitude I was convinced he had traveled back in time from the punk scene of the late 80's. At time's their sound reminded me of what I loved about Say Anything and Mewithoutyou back in high school. Their influences obviously range from much more though (if those at all). The rest of the band's long locks and baggy 90's inspired look set a very playful and nostalgic vibe on stage. Ending their set with a cover of The Cure's "Just Like Heaven" was just icing on the cake, and the band had the entire room dancing, singing along and going insane. None the less, Hunny's show was incredible.





    The Southern California six-piece was formed in early 2014 by a group of long time friends and  musicians. Hunny’s charismatic sound draws from a blend of 1980’s post-punk and their undying love for Prince. HUNNY worked with producer Eric Palmquist (Bad Suns, Trash Talk) on their debut EP which features the single "Cry for Me" that garnered more than 200,000 plays in it's first 2 months on Soundcloud, charting on the Top "Most Popular Tracks" on Hype Machine. The band has also gained local support from KROQ where the single hit #1 on KROQ’s Locals Only Show. After delivering a sold out LA residency in June of 2015, HUNNY has wrapped a national tour with The Neighbourhood (see below) in the fall. Check out their tune "Cry for Me" below then peep their social medias for more news on the band's next move..





    You can check out more of Hunny on their social medias and website:



    Samuel Jacob / August 13, 2015

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