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    You must have seen the T-shirt and Sweatshirt we made for Dirty Fences in our webshop by now. The amazing design was made by Branca Studios from Barcelona. They make posters and flyers for the best rock shows and parties all over Spain. And if you love Halloween as much as I do you probably love their work. Here's some of my favourites.








    Check out their Tumblr, Online Store and Facebook.

    Happy Halloween everybody!


    Sebas / October 31, 2014
  • Don't Fear the Reaper


    You've made your plans, you've got your costume, and the only thing left at this point is your party playlist. Whether you'll be staying in to watch Fright Night or going out as a slutty mouse, make sure you can bust out some serious dance moves with or without your spouse (see what I did there?).

    See ya in the snack aisle.
    - Michelle

    michelle / October 31, 2014
  • Wow! David Gonzalez

    Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 4.30.29 PM

    I thought I would share this if you haven't already seen it.  David Gonzalez absolutely going balls out at the SA river bed.  This was a local spot for me back in the day, but never in my wildest dreams would I attempt something this gnarly!

    Furlong / October 30, 2014

    Forget Halloween, save your energy and go to Day of the Shred! This shit is gonna rip! Brought to you by The Thief (the same guy who put on Psycho De Mayo), it's featuring another great, heavy lineup. Tickets are just about sold out but if you want to go, make sure to grab a ticket today. We sponsored Psycho de Mayo and are really digging what the Thief is laying down so we had to get behind Day of the Shred. We made the official T-shirts and they will be available at the show. We do have a few for sale online HERE just in case you can't make it. We also printed the official poster that will be available at the show.

    Day of the Shred
    3503 S. Harbor Blvd.
    Santa Ana, CA


    Check this lineup out.




    Shirt we made for the Shred.










    Here's some photos from Psycho De Mayo to give you a sweet little taste of the face melting that you'll experience this weekend.






    Pubes / October 28, 2014
  • Sexy Mantis

    Lunch break at OBEY = Impromptu glamour shoot with this sexy beast!  Can't hate on nature, especially being surrounded by concrete.





    Furlong / October 25, 2014
  • Aww NYC

    I hate using this term, but fuck it! Here is a #FBF of my first trip to NYC for Shepard's E PLURIBUS VENOM show at Jonathan Levine Gallery back in 2007.  It was originally going to be a vacation for me or at least I thought, but ended up being the start to my documentary duties for Shep.  Here's a little run down of the trip and other random shit that happened:

    Roam's and I took the red eye and most likely were still drunk when we finally made it into the city.  Our First order of business was to hit the town and find a tasty McMuffin to soak up whatever alcohol was left.  While walking around town, we came across this Icon / Toxic Inspector paste up, which turned out to be my first OBEY photograph.


    Immediately after this, we almost got arrested for thinking it was okay to drink while walking around.  Thanks Roams!


    Onto the opening reception in Dumbo




    Right after this shot,  some crazy asshole came in throwing stink bombs or whatever and basically cleared out the place.  I believe he got arrested and it made the news.   After parties!






    next day went looking for Annie



    I think these ladies were as well



    Later that night was the opening at Jonathan Levine Gallery.




    Feeling how we did when we first arrived, our last day was mostly trekking around seeing the sights.




    This shot from Brooklyn turned out to be my first photo tee every printed. What can I say, I got lucky.


    Good bye NEW YORK!


    Furlong / October 24, 2014

    The Bless Off Europe Tour sponsoerd by OBEY with Dirty Fences, The Shrine and Death Alley is in full effect and I took some photos at the Amsterdam and Tilburg shows in between totally rocking out. After the Amsterdam show we partied hard, the Dirty Fences guys and Court from The Shrine all stayed over at my place which my lovely lady thought was an totally cool idea. For some reason one of my cats disappeared and there was a pair of shoes neatly put on the coffee table. Anyway if you fancy long haired guys wearing denim and leather here's some hot photos for ya.

    So stoked my friends from Death Alley are on this tour. Here's frontmam Douwe with his beautiful blonde manes trying to put a spell on the ladies.


    Listen to Dirty Fences! They are my favourite band right now. I'm serious.


    This was the first time I saw The Shrine live and they fucking rock. Also their merchandise is the best, thanks Josh!


    Death Alley at The Little Devil in Tilburg.


    I am still trying to figure out if Roseglass from Dirty Fences his glasses are more round shaped or rectangular...


    Jack being all hunky.



    The Shrine got dark again.


    Hersh and Comaskey form Dirty Fences doing some backing vocals for the Shrine.


    Dirty Fences wants you to buy the T-shirt and Sweatshirt we made for them right now. They are online HERE and HERE.


    You've got seven more days to check out The Bless Off Europe tour 2014:

    20.10.14 Croatia Zagreb AKC Attack
    21.10.14 Slovenia Ljubljana Channel Zero
    22.10.14 Italy Bologna Freakout Club
    23.10.14 Italy Rome Init
    24.10.14 Italy Milano Lo Fi
    25.10.14 Germany Stuttgart Juha West
    26.10.14 Germany Köln MTC

    I'll be at the last show in Cologne so come high five me if you see me. Ha!


    Sebas / October 20, 2014
  • Vintage Obey


    I found my first Obey shirt Steve gave me back when I was an angsty preteen. Happy to say it still fits!

    meghann / October 19, 2014
  • Rick Rubin for Rolling Stone

    Rolling Stone just put out a nice video that features Rick Rubin going back to his dorm at NYU where he founded Def Jam Records. He talks about the early days of hip hop and making records that were more representative of what was happening in clubs than the softer sound that rap records of that day were sounding like.

    Full of other highlights like interviews with the Ad Rock of the Beasties, LL Cool J, Russell Simmons, OG dorm mates and more.

    Always an inspirational story.

    Pubes / October 17, 2014
  • New Maze (BR) Shop

    A few months back, Tony A and I had some fun times in Sao Paulo.. 'member ?  I couldn't tell you what we were doing then, because I didn't even know what I was doing there. Imagine me, big ROAM dog, in Sao Paulo, Brazil... not knowing what's been done or what was around the corner for me to not know what we were going to do... [i really hope I'm confusing u..]

    However, Persio Tagawa and the Maze crew knew what were doing... You sneeky guys !!! A few weeks back, Persio reported back on the success of their new shop launch. I promised to post, since the wall that Tony and I did, is now on display at their new location - across the street from the old Augusta location !!! Here are some photo of the shop..













     There's Persio... riggity rapping like he always does... Great Job Mate !!!

    (bravo to the Maze staff as well. Good luck peoples !!!)


    - ROAM

    Roam / October 16, 2014
  • Anna & Latoya, Part 3

    And so we were on our way to LA, an 8 hour drive all the way from the grand canyon…
    We realized about half way that it was a reckless and stupid idea to drive it all at once, so we quietly drove into the Joshua Tree national park in the middle of the night without paying our entrance fee.

    While we were searching for a little hideaway where we could secretly camp our minivan, we heard a pack of coyotes howling. Exited and slightly scared we parked near a place called split rock, and even though falling asleep wasn’t easy, seeing the most amazing landscape surrounding us when we woke up made it all worth it.

    Anna decided to do some rock-climbing in her underwear while singing a Shakira song as a little morning workout.

    joshua tree 1

    joshua tree 2

    After a few hours of driving and another monster breakfast we finally arrived at the City of Angels. Duncan, (a very sweet guy we met in Lone Pine) offered us a place to stay in his Hollywood apartment, which turned out to be the most amazing place.

    After jumping on all the beds, couches and everything worth to jump on we went off to the Rainbow bar. Latoya who has always been a big Motorhead made it her mission in life to meet Lemmy, who was supposedly always playing the slot machine around there. To her disappointment he wasn’t there, but we met Scotty, who happened to be a friend of Lemmy and had a pair of his beautiful boots in his possession which Latoya got to wear, and tried to steal but failed. Scotty offered us a dip in Lemmy’s pool, which was maybe even better. Lemmy = God

    Rainbow bar and Lemmy 1

    Rainbow bar and Lemmy 2

    Rainbow bar and Lemmy 3

    The following day we had the incredible idea to sneak into the Roosevelt pool where we met a bunch of LA rock ’n’ rolla’s who were kind enough to show us "the LA experience”. They took us to a rooftop pool party at The Standard. And after that to a party of Dice magazine, which was awesome. Punk bands playing, free tequila, strippers everywhere, and the best part was that we ended up taking a Limo with a self service sound system so we could play our favorite horrible music and sing along all the way to our Hollywood mansion.

    LA Pool

    LA dice

    LA dice 2

    We woke up with the most horrible hangover ever. Luckily our home provided all the necessities to get through our off days. Baths, ice cream, loads of cigarettes, and cuddling up to each other watching awful romantic movies. I can’t even describe how nice it was to finally have a day off, after all our adventures it was just amazing to do nothing for once.

    LA relax at home 1

    LA relax at home 2

    LA relax at home3

    Since LA was struggling with a heat wave during our stay, making it unbearable to stay inside the house, we took off to the beach, Venice beach.

    Venice beach 1

    Venice beach 2

    Later on our new LA friends invited us to a party at the Roosevelt hotel at the Teddy’s bar, were we ended up getting insanely drunk. Again.
    Which also resulted in us having another off day in our mansion.

    La Rosenveld

    Last day chill LA

    Last day chill LA 2

    Our La adventure was almost coming to an end, so we decided to do something to keep the memory of our amazing trip.

    Since nothing is more permanent than a tattoo, this seemed the best thing to do. We made an appointment at Mr. Mahogany just hours before our flight to New York.
    We now both have the word ‘sister’ written on our arms permanently. Now it’s official, we are family, for ever.

    Next stop: New York

    Last day tattoo 1

    If you want to see more of Latoya's work, click here!

    OBEYWomens / October 14, 2014
  • Good Jeans






    I plan on spending this Fall very comfortably in jeans and really good t shirts. P.S. My artist series launches this week and pairs perfectly with Obey's new high waisted selvedge jeans. Check out my Pinterest and Instagram for more inspiration and sneak peeks


    meghann / October 13, 2014

    Our friends at GALLERY TARGET are hosting Mark Gonzales' solo show "BABY DON'T MIND" from October 12th to the 31st. All original pieces created for the show and the man himself will be in attendance. Go check it out if you're in Tokyo and pay homage by busting out some hippie jumps!

    THE LAST GALLERYの約1年ぶりとなるキュレーションによって、MARK GONZALESの個展「BABY DON’T MIND」を10月12日より開催します。アーティストで詩人、そしてなによりも、スケートボード史上最も有名なプロスケートボーダーであるマーク・ゴンザレス。彼がくりひろげる無邪気でシニカルなワンダーワールドを、3年の時を経て再びここ東京で感じる機会がやってきました。ロスアンジェルス現代美術館などでも作品を発表し、世界中からコンテンポラリー・アーティストとしての確かな評価を得る彼が、本個展開催のために制作した新作を一挙に展示します。」- GALLERY TARGET


    OBEYJapan / October 9, 2014

    The final night in Toronto marks the end of an seven city mural tour. The tour started out in Los Angeles and took Shepard and his crew all over the states, which included stops in Chicago, Philly and New York. After the continental US of A, they headed over the Atlantic to the land of "The Cognacpumpe" in Berlin and down to "The Bru’s" in Johannesburg.

    I was lucky enough to be on a few of the touring cities, soaking up the rays, culture, seeing the sights and meeting some great / freaky people.  The last day in Toronto we took a small tour of the city before grabbing dinner with our Canadian peeps and then hitting the Hennessy party at The Tattoo Club.  If you've missed any of the action so far from Toronto, check it here: Part1 Part2 

    Here's some pics from our last day.  Lil city, street and murals.  Enjoy!













    People really LOVE street art.  Someone brought out their Tim the Tool Man saw and chopped this piece out.



    After walking forever, it was time to eat.  Thanks Brown Brown and Chris for the Five course yummy sushi meal and liquor!




    Roams feeling it again.




    Back to the streets to hit the Hennessy party where Shepard and Neil Armstrong provided the tunes for the evening.











    It was pretty late at this point and a Weeee bit tired, so thats a wrap TORONTO!  GOOD NIGHT!





    Furlong / October 7, 2014


    This Wednesday (October 8th)  we'll be dropping the OBEY 25 Year  Anniversary Collection, so stay tuned!  In the video below Shepard provides some insight on each of the graphics featured in the line.

    When I made the first OBEY sticker in 1989, I never thought I was beginning a project that would inspire and permeate most of my art career for the next 25 years and counting.

    At 19, I had no idea what I would be doing this a week later, much less a decade or two. Putting up stickers was fun, and that was enough to get the ball rolling. The act of getting out there for the journey without a brilliant plan or destination opened my eyes to the world as a participant, not a voyeur. Part of the success of OBEY Giant has been its organic evolution based on my constant dialogue the public and broadening perspective through my experiences. Rather than being constrained by the OBEY Giant, I’ve modeled it to reflect my personality and my interests as they’ve progressed over the years.

    When I was young, I bought into the typical black-and -white, us -versus-them simplification of things: provocation and silliness cant mix, a job has to be drudgery, passion is reserved for the nights and weekends and art cant be pure if it has commercial facets. All that began to seem less valid as very small accomplishment with OBEY Giant made it seem increasingly possible to do things my way.

    It hasn’t been an easy path. Even though financial struggles, failed relationships, a lack of resources, and 16 arrests, I was always determined to keep OBEY Giant project growing. Essentially. I succeeded at building something from nothing and creating a demand for it by exploiting the semiotics of consumption.

    From the beginning, OBEY Giant opened my eyes to many facets of capitalism and consumer-trends psychology that revolve around supply and demand economic theory. Some examples (“I want a sticker because I like the way it looks”) are relatively straightforward while others (“I want a sticker because my rebellious friends have it’) reflect the complex irony of conforming to an image of rebellion to gain acceptance. The OBEY Giant images have raised many issues around the concept of value: as they gained more exposure and familiarity, their value increased to marketers wishing to capitalize on the rebellious outsiders who used OBEY Giant and the Variables determining who embraced or rejected it along the way has been the most valuable aspect of the project.

    I knew early on that, more than being just a vehicle for my art, commentary, and mischiefs, OBEY Giant could provide a “case study”. The hardest thing was for me to decide when I had enough material to release a complete case study, especially when the accumulation of art and experiences showed no sign of slowing. Keep your eyes and mind open, and question everything. 

    - Shepard Fairey


    25thRoof 25thCop 25theye 25thExclamation


    CJ / October 6, 2014

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