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  • New Girls


    I realized I had been drawing strictly inanimate objects floating in space for the past few months. I wanted to try out drawing some cool girls in cool spaces for a change. Hope you like them.

    meghann / September 29, 2014
  • Anna & Latoya, Part 2

    Hi! It's us again!

    Here is a quick update on what we have been up to:

    We spent our last hours in Lone Pine by the pool, curing our hang overs and flicking through last night's pictures on our phones. Here's some more from Jakes Saloon. Got to love that bar, so just like many before us (including our friends Petrovsky & Ramone who's signature we found) we had to sign the walls too...



    We decided to continue our trip and to head for Las Vegas. We went for the Death Valley – artist pallet route, even though a lot (and we mean a lot) of people warned us about the temperatures there that will make your blood boil.
    Boy, where they right.
    We arrived around 11pm, drove our minivan to the top of somewhere (no idea where, the night was never darker) and parked it at the side of the road. As soon as we opened the doors the extreme hot wind ( 117 – AT NIGHT!) hugged us like a blanket. Like a sauna with no exit. We felt like there was only one option: get naked, down a bottle of red wine and just go with it.
    We tried to get some sleep (which is hard when you are sweating from places you didn’t even know could be sweaty) and set the alarm to try and wake up before sunrise.
    Opening our eyes that morning, with that view – will most definitely stay in our memories forever. It was unlike anything, simply unreal.

    Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 12.06.05


    We quickly went out, shot some photo’s, used one of our water-tanks as a shower, shot some more pics and we got the hell out of there before our bodies would melt. Also, we were damn near starving as we forgot to bring some food (wine yes, food no – our priorities and basic life needs just became clear).

    A two-hour drive later (mind you we get very cranky when we are not being fed) we arrived at a cute little town called: Shoshone, were a wonderful man made us the most delicious pile of French toast ever. Just when we thought we couldn’t possibly be happier we found a sprinkler watering the grass next to the diner. (It was still 120)

    If you are wondering what instant happiness looks like:


    foto 3


    foto 2

    After sprinkler/breakfast break we continued our journey to Las Vegas.
    There is no photographic proof of us being there since it was the most horrible experience ever and we don’t need any images reminding us that this ‘town’ is also a part of planet earth.
    We got real drunk, slept, sobered up and got the hell out.

    Plus side though, just outside Vegas we stopped for gas at the ‘Uranus’ gas station, shot a couple of photo’s, got some burgers, ended up talking to a guy that owned a monster truck...!

    foto 1

    Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 12.22.24



    When you are on the road with no plan or schedule what so ever, you can do whatever the fuck you want. For us this means: stopping at e-v-e-r-y thrift shop that we pass. This is how we ended up in Kingman, where Latoya fell in love with a blue rocking chair, we met the nicest people, we sang Nickelback (we are so sorry, really) in the best Karaoke bar in the world and we got ‘adopted’ by an amazing old man named Orval who showed us around town in his truck, told the best war-stories & life lessons and let us sleep in his driveway. Kingman will forever be in our hearts.

    foto 5

    road kill

    The next day we continued on Route 66 to the Grand Canyon which for reasons unknown to mankind, Latoya kept referring to as Mount Everest an Anna, being very scared of heights, just made weird squeaky noises for the entire hour we were up there. It was in this moment, staring down the big hole in the ground, we realized we missed being in a house, with a bed and a shower, we missed being in civilization.



    So we got back in our minivan and drove off towards Los Angeles.

    To be continued.....

    Check out more of Latoya's work here!

    OBEYWomens / September 29, 2014

    Last night Myself, Cyril Mountain and Stevie "Pubes" packed in the metallic pea sports wagon and headed over to check out Glen E. Friedman's "MY RULES" book release and signing over to Arcana: Books on the arts. Along with the checking out the amazing work in GEF's book, it was pretty rad seeing some Dogtown legends in attendance.  Check out more on GEF's book here and he'll be having another signing at BOOK SOUP Monday Sept, 29th.  Make sure to check it out if you can




    GEF snapping some pics with the fans


    Zephyr man Jeff HO  signing his page while waiting in line.



    Of course he needed his copy


    Another Dogtown dude Craig Steyk III checking out the book



    This dude showed up in a Benz and went straight to Cyril to give him some shit about his mutton chops


    Jim Muir and Steve Olson hanging in the back avoid the crowds.


    After the signing there was a Q&A and The West Coast premiere of Eric Matthies short file of Glen E. Friedman and Ian Mackaye in conversation.





    Furlong / September 26, 2014

    For Fall 2014, HIDDEN CHAMPION is releasing issue #34, featuring the cover and a 12-page article of our very own : Shepard Fairey. The magazine also includes other features relating to art, music, skateboarding, etc. Basically all the shit we like! The publication will be available at HIDDEN CHAMPION's online store and select locations in Japan on September 29th.


    OBEYJapan / September 25, 2014
  • Selvedge Denim


    We typically don't put much product on the blog but we felt this was a good opportunity to tell you about something new in the lineup. We are now selling selvedge denim. This is a more premium denim than OBEY has ever offered in the past. A 13oz, standard fit, not too skinny, not too wide and perfect to beat up like good selvedge is meant to be treated.  Check out The Standard Selvedge and the slimmer New Threat Selvedge in our online shop.

    Also, we're going to be following some friends of OBEY as they wear in their new denim and we'll report back along the way.



    CJ / September 25, 2014

    Listen up all you beautiful Europeans, three of the most awesome bands of the moment are coming to a European city near you the upcoming month. and you need to go check them out. Because Dirty Fences, The Shrine and Death Alley are gonna kill it. Also keep your eyes out for the OBEY X Dirty Fences Tee dropping online soon, or buy it at the show of course!



    Sebas / September 23, 2014


    The crew and I just finished up a mural in Berlin. The wall is in the Kreuzberg district which I fell in love with when I was there in 2003 for a big street art show called Backjumps. The neighborhood is just as vibrant and filled with graffiti as it was then, even if some locals fear it is becoming gentrified. We had some stuff stolen so I think it still has some edge! Anyway, I’m really grateful to Yasha Young, Alejandra, and Elisabetta from Urban Nation for organizing the wall, and for being such a hospitable host. I’ll be back in Berlin for more projects with Urban Nation. We finished the mural in two days which left plenty of time to hit the streets. We had great help from Dennis and Sebas, Bram, and the Obey Clothing crew. As always, I’m thankful to my crew, Rob Zagula, Dan Flores, and Nicholas Bowers for their hard work.

    – Shepard












    Photos Courtesy of OBEY GIANT

    Furlong / September 22, 2014
  • Gabba Gabba OBEY

    This last week Shepard and his crew were hitting Berlin, so I decided to go check it out and hang with the boys.


    Bram, our newest member to the OBEY family out here in Amsterdam, approves this message.


    The main reason Shepard was in town was this awesome mural.


    The Doobie Brothers; Rob from Shepard's crew and Dennis (OBEY Germany), fell in love.


    Meanwhile Shepard gave an interview for German television, which hopefully will be dubbed in German.


    At night there was a party where Shepard was DJ'ing. This woman was excited to get her picture taken with Shepard, but he just cared about the music.


    Peek-A-Boo at Civilist Berlin.


    Everybody's favourite pant-pooping Scandinavian; Claus, also dropped in and we went to shred the gnar over at the Reichstag.


    It seemed that every day new paste ups kept popping up around town.


    And in our last free hours we headed over to the Ramones Museum Berlin. Which is definitely worth visiting when you're in town.


    There is tons of memorabilia and awesome old photographs, that will get any fan more than excited.


    But my favourite part was all the amazing original merchandise from back in the day.  Of course everybody knows the classic logo T-shirts, but check out these killer Tees done by John Holmstrom.



    Or these shorts done for an Australian tour in the 80s. (Matt, can you hook me up?)



    See you next time buddy, keep partying!



    Sebas / September 18, 2014
  • Anna & Latoya


    Please meet Latoya and Anna from Amsterdam!

    Latoya is a photographer and producer (check her awesome work here).
    She met Anna, a stylist, taxidermist and performer about 4 years ago, proclaimed her "photographic muse for life", has taken countless pictures of her since and they became close friends along the way...

    They will be guest blogging for OBEY in the coming weeks while road trippin' through the USA, sharing their adventures and pictures with us.
    They had virtually no plans when they left Holland. Burning man and New York were the only two fixed destinations, other than that they basically have no idea what they are getting themselves into, but they will make sure they keep us posted on the way.

    And so it begins...


    WEEK 1

    We made it to Los Angeles! After 17 hours on the plane, 4 hours at customs and two hours at the car rental hell waiting for our new best friend the minivan, we are here! Hello 'Murica!

    We downed a huge can of some gross energy drink and drove from L.A. to San Francisco that same night, to pick up a friend and some water tanks.
    The magical combination of energy drinks, loads of water and no stops eventually lead to our first small crime in the states.

    Public Urination

    We spend one night in Fairville to get some rest, and continued our road trip to Burning Man.
    Man, we really tried to write down some of our experiences there but failed horribly. It is simply indescribable. Let's just say we traveled its parallel universe on the sickest art cars and with the most beautiful and weirdest people.
    We built a dome, baked banana pancakes for our camp in the rain (that's right, that one time us Dutchies go to the desert it starts pissing from the sky)
    We partied naked and cycled our mountain bikes for longer than our butts care to remember. Oh, and we dropped and killed our digital camera in the desert dust. So there is only little photographic evidence.

    pancakes in the rain



    BM Wedding

    8 days later, after a total of about 9 hours sleep, 0 showers and a head full of unintentional dreadlocks we left Black Rock City behind in search of water and some soap.

    When we arrived in Reno there was no vacancy anywhere so we parked our playa dust covered minivan next to a Jelly Doughnut and once again crawled up next to each other in the back of our car.
    We woke up by the sounds of a group of bikers and decided that we had hereby successfully completed the all American experience of living in a car and that baby wipes just couldn't cut it any more. We needed a real shower, so we continued our trip down south.
    Did we mention we have no map or GPS? Well we just drove past Lake Tahoe (so-many-people-there) and ended up in beautiful Hope Valley where we found a 1972 airstream for rent next to a small (and turns out extremely cold) river.

    Air Stream Anna

    Air stream

    image 3

    Anna Wet

    Now we are in Lone Pine where we are recovering by the pool from a severe hangover (compliments of Jake’s Saloon).


    We are planing to go to the mountains today and later hit the road again on our way to Death Valley. But for now it’s just us, this pool and one of our new favorite towns on planet earth.

    OBEYWomens / September 17, 2014
  • Dime Bag 4


    Meghann Stephenson

    I'm part of a really amazing group show at The End is Near in Brooklyn, curated by Jordin Isip. If you're in the area check it out its up through October 3rd!



    William Hatch Crosby


    Taylor Mckimens


    Nicole Rifkin


    Monica Ramos



    meghann / September 16, 2014

    !!! This Thursday, William Bensussen's doing it again... The Gaslamp Killer & Friends at the Mayan in Los Angeles !!!


    For more info, click here


    - ROAM

    Roam / September 15, 2014
  • All My Friends Are Inside Me

    Last night I rolled over to Mohawk General Store in Silverlake for the opening of a new exhibition that some friends of ours put on under the Brain Dead project. It was a series of woven blankets by Tim Head, Lucas Clayton, Ed Davis, Russell Maurice, Hassan Rahim, Ryan De La Hoz, Will Sweeney, Misha Hollenbach, Horfee and Hiroshi Igushi.

    All the blankets are a limited series release available fore sale now at Mohawk for $250 each or $300 with a full size hanger. If you're in the area check them out while they're still up. T's and hats are also available and are highly suggested.

    Mohawk General Store
    4017 W Sunset Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90029

    The party was super busy both inside and out. There's only so much air conditioning can do when it's packed inside, you had to head outside to cool down. Thankfully there was free vodka drinks to cool you down. You know I had to take advantage of that cause the price was right! I know how to treat my lady to a classy evening.








    The blanket on the right is from our main main Hassan Rahim, ex-lookbook model of ours and artist series artist. Check out his Tumblr HERE.



    Boobies, watermelon and Moon Eyes!


    Too many good looking people in one area. I must be in the wrong place.




    Congrats to Kevin, Kyle and all those involved. This shit was tight!



    Pubes / September 12, 2014
  • Laura Callaghan

    Laura Callaghan draws the coolest girls. These girls are so cool that I wish they were real so that I could be friends with them and in turn become cooler (or cool at all your call).


    stephenson_obey_lauracallaghan_09 stephenson_obey_lauracallaghan_08 stephenson_obey_lauracallaghan_07stephenson_obey_lauracallaghan_06stephenson_obey_lauracallaghan_04


    Check out her website and see more of her work and process on her tumblr and instagram

    meghann / September 12, 2014
  • Banago asks Kickstarter to help Rescue Typhoon Victims

    Fashion company BanagoTM is releasing a new line of accessories as part of a novel post-disaster strategy which promises to speed the recovery of livelihoods for over 400 woman artisans in the wake of typhoon Haiyan. Banago will be the first to use Kickstarter to engage the global community in the recovery of their cottage industry and its success may revolutionize the way donors sponsor post-disaster recovery.

    • BanagoTM [ba-nah-go] is a collection of hand-woven bags and home accessories, expertly hand crafted by artisans in the Philippines. Each piece is a beautiful handmade work of art, bringing island chic to the city while enabling BanagoTM to give back to local communities.
    • Before typhoon Haiyan devastated the eastern Philippines in November of 2013, BanagoTM founder Renée Patron had built and expanded BanagoTM into a cottage industry until it provided livelihood for over four hundred women and their families in the community where she grew up.
    • This program was unheard of in 2005 when Renée began teaching weavers, mostly women, to become self-employed business owners and to work within the safety of their own homes. BanagoTM artisans became leaders in their communities and helped grow genuine opportunity.
    • A taste of success: BanagoTM products were once readily available in high-end retail stores around the globe including J. Crew, Anthropologie, Nordstrom’s and Macy’s plus many others.
    • Tragically, BanagoTM lost its entire production network and facilities, including the homes of all of its artisans. Renée herself fought for her life in the storm along with the more than 14 million Haiyan victims. Many now cope with the loss of family members (est. 6,300 killed), the loss of income (over 50% of livelihoods), and the loss of an economy (est. $35 billion USD in damages). International aid has been withdrawn and there is little or no help from the national government.
    • Banago’sTM leadership is determined to honor the spirit of the ancient painted warriors embodied in its vibrant designs. With the help Livelihood UnitedTM, a US based nonprofit, BanagoTM will engage the wonderful community in an effort to raise enough money for a full recovery.
    • Livelihood restoration like never before: If Banago’sTM campaign is successful it may help change the way people look at post-disaster livelihood restoration. BanagoTM backers will be the first ever to use Kickstarter to invest in the recovery of a proven business while gaining access to new and highly prized merchandise - And a successful campaign could be expanded to help many others.

    Click here to back this project:

    Only a few days left and we want to make sure they reach their goal!

    michelle / September 12, 2014
  • My friend Rafael Rozendaal

    This is my deflowering on the Obey-blog .

    I'm Bram Swarte, 34 years old and I live in Amsterdam. It will not get more personal than this blog-post. Do not worry.

    I grew up in Maastricht, the most southern tip of the Netherlands. I am the only child of my parents and was about 12 when I met Rafael Rozendaal. In contrast to our environment Rafael and I loved punk and metal. We became brothers. We made movies meant to be funny, we attempted to skate, we listened to Bad Brains and drew until we fell down.


    (Rafael and me, 1994)

    Rafael went to art school and was picked up at a young age. He was always traveling and gained lots of succes.
    His work is often funny, like this website about farting. Sometimes sad. For me it’s infinite and gives hope.

    rafael blog

    Rafael Rozendaal is most well known for his moving images and websites. He quickly discovered that selling his work meant that he would never see his creation again. This led him to turn to printmaking, allowing him to still keep a copy himself. This belief of Rozendaal’s was furthermore awakened with the invention of the internet. Allowing him to use this platform as a free space to connect with potential audiences. Rafael Rozendaal is one of the first artists to sell his websites as art objects.

    Although I admire his work tremendously, we barely speak to each other and now he’s getting married to Christina next sunday in New York. I’ll be in Amsterdam.

    Congratulations buddy.

    Bram Swarte / September 12, 2014

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