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    Leading off from our last post, here's more of the mural in its entirety. Enjoy and check back later for more updates.

    Headed over to check out Cleon's mural as a quick intermission while Shep and the guys we're finishing up.

    Back to the roof with Shep.

    We Own The Future mural complete!

    I'll end with a little sneak peak of The Provocateurs gallery space.

    More tomorrow, so stay tuned.


    Furlong / July 29, 2014

    The crew and I arrived in Chicago three days ago to begin the setup for The Provocateurs art show and to start painting my mural. My mural wall is a killer spot at Wabash and 9th on one of Columbia University’s buildings. There will be several other murals going up in the same corridor by artists from The Provocateurs show including POSE, RETNA, and Cleon Peterson. The majority of the fine art is now in our gallery space safely and we are arranging the display for your viewing pleasure. Thanks to Jon Furlong for the awesome photos, and to my crew of Nic Bowers, Dan Flores, and Rob Zagula for assistance on the mural. Stay tuned for wall art updates from both indoors and outdoors.



    I can't show you much of the gallery at the moment, but stay tuned!

    Limited posters

    On to the Walbash mural.  Make sure to take the L train.

    More tomorrow, so check back



    Furlong / July 28, 2014

    Downtown Santa Ana's first ever East End Block party last weekend went off without a hitch! It was great to see such a grand event happening in my own backyard- with the ghetto parrots squawking over our heads and the collaborative sounds of bands and DJ's that all used to play at The Crosby(RIP), it was a disillusioned dream come true.  For 8 hours the OBEY Radio stage kept the corner of 4th & Spurgeon alive, entertaining people as they day drank and perused the sidewalk vendors. Here are some photos to sum up the day.

    Free The Robots aka urthworm aka creepstofer and also one of the many heads who organized this day. Also, a huge thanks to Jenn from Moon Block Party And Phil Nisco!  This event would not exist without you.

    Some say that he cremated some sweet potato fries and added the ashes to the ink of his tattoo..

    Blends limited edition tees with a Bad Brains x SA water tower flip

    "H O T  A  S  F U C K," was what most people were feeling.. but mostly what the dude in the right corner was thinking..

    Ruscosaurus was the only smart one keeping cool in the shade

    Down the street Zach Young's mural brought the sacred geometry - healing chakra - Burning Man vibes

    Right about then a shaman appeared out of thin air and added some magical garnish to my drink. Blassssttooffffff!

    Fuck peace?  Or (try)peace(you)fucks.  The psilocybin wasn't the only thing giving mixed messages

    Painted rocks and up-cycled stash oyster shells to put your "stuff" in

    Kev outside the 80's Purple booth, never not hustling

    The Hit + Run crew live silk-screening show shirts

    So Super Sam & Them Jeans' tag team set on the OBEY Radio stage was just tooooo kyoooote

    Congrats to the winner of the signed Suicidal Tendencies deck raffle! If you're reading this don't sell it on eBay..

    Soulection ended the block party to a busy intersection of twerkers and lurkers

    The post millennium generation of the OBEY Posse was in full effect!

    The after party continued at The North Left (Crosby 2.o) - I bearly made it.

    Had to end the night with some comfort food.. nothing beats a chopped tree stump plate piled with dead animal parts and bbq sauce.




    CJ / July 28, 2014

    Our friends at disques corde recently released N'gaho Ta'quia (aka Sauce81)'s debut album entitled "In The Pocket". Check out the official video of the title track here, snippet here, what some of his comrades have to say about the album,


    "Sauce81 offers a very creative and personal take on Blaxploitation Soundtrack that will sure get the attention of Jazz-Funk lovers to Soulful music diggers. Imagine a collaboration between Marvin Gaye, The Mizell Brothers and Madlib and you can have an idea of what this album's got to offer. "In The Pocket" has all the elements to become a true Classic. Amazing!" (sauce81から、ブラックスプロイテーション・ムービーのサウンドトラックを独自の解釈でクリエイティブに仕立て上げられた、ジャズファンク・ラヴァーからソウルフルな音楽好きを間違いなく魅了する作品が届いた。マーヴィン・ゲイ、マイゼル・ブラザーズ、それにマッドリブがコラボしたようなアルバムを想像してみてほしい。『In The Pocket』には本物のクラシックになる要素が全て詰まってる。Amazing!)- Onra

    "ノブ君、サイコウーーーなグルーブとサウンドです!!!聴いてる間はアタマの中にウージータウンの風景がずっと浮かび上がっていました。みんな絶対聴いてください!アルバムリリースおめでとう!" - mabanua (origami)

    "N’gaho Ta’quia ハンパない!すごいの作りましたね。脱帽です。あんなに熱の篭った新譜を聴くのは久しぶりです。いや~、すごい!愛聴させてもらいます。リリースおめでとう!" - STEREOCiTI

    "N’gaho Ta’quia aka Sauce81氏のnew albumが到着!氏のこれまでの作品とは打って変わって、70年代BlaxploitationのOSTを彷彿とさせる音世界は土臭くザラついたソウル/ファンクネスに溢れている。この質感、たまりません。Tokio氏によるアートワーウも味わい深く、この古臭いようでいて全く新しいサウンドと共に楽しむことで、国籍不明のオリジナルN’gaho Ta’quiaワールドを堪能することができる。ジャンルレスに全方位のミュージックファン迎撃可能なアルバムだけど、特にレコードをディグってるようなHipHopヘッズは是非聴いてみて。ノブさんリスペクト!" - tee-rug (LowPass)


    and details of the release party!

    N'gaho Ta'quia "In The Pocket" release party with Coffee & Cigarettes Band + 沼澤尚 and DJ Funnel. August 10th, 2014 (Sun) 18:00 - 22:00 at Yokohama GrassRoots.


    OBEYJapan / July 28, 2014

    So-cal born and bred model Kylie Cusick is one to watch. We caught up with this budding beauty to talk about the 'gram, mood tunes, and where she goes to get away from it all.

    Hey Kylie! Can we get some basics down?

    I'm 25 and originally from Coronado, CA (San Diego!)


    What did you want to be when you were little?

    Professional Soccer Player! Or a Brain Surgeon hahaha


    You have quite the following on Instagram. Who are your 3 favorite people to follow?

    @Fuckjerry, @apatchofskye, @nasa

    What do you do when you hang out with your friends?

    Kill it! haha


    What song right now instantly puts you in a good mood?

    Glass Animals - Gooey


    What are 3 items you just can't live without?

    Q-Tips, Sushi, Old Black Converse


    If you could be anywhere on vacation right now, where would it be?

    Sayulita, Mexico OR Hvar, Croatia


    What are your favorite OBEY Items that you need in your closet right now?

    Eddie Vegan Leather Jacket
    Barstow Dress
    Lola Sweatpants
    Bad Luck Vintage Raglan Tee
    Good Times Track Tank

    Here are some pictures from Kylie's Instagram for your viewing pleasure. Click here and follow her!!


    michelle / July 23, 2014

    This weekend the biggest summer jam sesh going down in Santa Ana, bringing together all of the homies to play on the OBEY Radio stage and the best part is that its All ages & FREEEEEEEE

    The East End Block Party will unite Orange County and Los Angeles's creative community on Saturday, July 26 from 12 pm to 8 pm. Details in the flyer below!

    freetherobots / July 22, 2014

    Whatta weeek, I tell ya !!! A huge thank you to everybody involved in the planning and execution of the best trade week OBEY's ever had, ever. From the US and EU team that made it out, to the friends and family we enjoyed hanging and partying with... THANK YOU !!!

    [ photos by Harry Brieffies ]



    FIRST ANNUAL OBEY BBBBBQ !!! [ Unfortunately torrential down pour and the Germany World Cup game kept the homies away ... wamp wamp]




    LEFTO /  GLK /  ONRA


    - ROAM

    Roam / July 17, 2014
  • Skate City / Lost and Found: Photo Show

    Last week, I stopped by my friend Hagop Najarian's photo show " Skate City / Lost and Found" at Loma Street Market in Long Beach.  I wasn't there very long, but the place was packed and full of legendary skate dudes, beer and insane photos! Here's a few pics of the night.

    solid crew! Mark Hunter, Neil Blender, Hagop, John Lucero, Grosso, Lance and Jerry Madda


    Furlong / July 14, 2014
  • Save The Che Cafe

    Growing up in Southern California, Che Cafe was like a second home for a lot of us in the punk/hardcore scene. Che Cafe is an all-ages music venue, located on the UCSD campus, and now they are being threatened to close the doors once and for all. For those that may know, this isn't the first time Che has been threated with having to close down either. For more info on how you can support:

    A couple weeks ago, I was able to show my support to Che and check out a band that I've been super into lately, Pity Sex. Below are some pictures from that night. Dangers went on first and caused some kids to do what you do best at Che, and thats hang from the ceiling!

    Photos Courtesy: Harsh Truth Of The Camera Eye

    michelle / July 14, 2014

    The crew and I finished the Peace Tree mural on The Line Hotel yesterday afternoon. I’m very happy with how the mural turned out and how it works with the building’s architecture. The Line has a bunch of cool art in the interior as well as a great D*Face mural on the exterior, so I’m grateful to be situated in a bit of a creative oasis. Thanks to The Line team for the assistance and hospitality, to Jon Furlong for the great photos, and to Nic Bowers, Z Bomit, and Rob Zagula for the help painting!


    that bag makes it all work!

    Furlong / July 10, 2014
  • The Berlin Fiend Club Tonight !!!


    Yes yes, tonight's the night and the buzz around the turnip factor is looking mighty positive !!! Berlin, if you're interested in partaking, please head over to these shops now and snag one of these tickets before we're out. Below... The Info:::








    We'll also be giving away a few of these at the party as well. "OBEY Worldwide" Berlin one-offs... yipes !!! @flooor @brammiedammie

    C. U. N. T.he Crossroadz !!!

    - ROAM

    Roam / July 10, 2014
  • H.L.N.A CUP VOL.2

    If you skate and live (or recently have been) in and around Tokyo, chances are, you already know about H.L.N.A Skatepark. It's a skatepark that was built last year on the rooftop of DiverCity Tokyo, a large-scale shopping plaza along the Tokyo Bay, a popular shopping and sightseeing destination for Tokyoites and tourists alike. I've known the dudes at H.L.N.A for some time now and followed them since they were first brewing up the idea of building a skatepark there. We've even discussed putting up some OBEY art at the park, which unfortunately didn't happen due to certain "politics", but nevertheless, it's awesome to see these guys work extremely hard to bring their plans to fruition. It's the first of its kind and I'm sure taking the road less traveled (better yet, never traveled) was not an easy one.

    Last year, when they approached me to see if we were down to support a skate contest for the kids, we happily accepted, and we continue to be for Vol. 2. Although a contest-format is put in place, it's basically about letting kids 12 and under, beginner to ripper, go wild and have fun. + free skate lessons and demo by pros and raffle prizes for all participants. Vol.1 had a great turn-out and what started with just a handful of supporters has grown into an event that many companies now want to support. More involvement = more prizes for the kiddies and everybody wins!

    If you're in town, come check out the future of Tokyo skateboarding. These kids will put a smile on your face. More info here (in Japanese only).

    OBEYJapan / July 9, 2014

    This morning, I headed up to LA to meet up with Shepard and his usual crew, as they started the first of an eight city mural tour.  This massive Peace Tree mural is (95' x 32') covering the entire eastern wall of The Line hotel. Besides from it being 90 degrees and 90 feet up in the air, the dudes are making good progress and its coming together. Here's some pics from day 1 and stay tuned for more.


    Furlong / July 7, 2014
  • LOOK AWAY: The Art of Todd Francis

    A couple weeks ago, Hennessey and Ingalls Books in Hollywood hosted an artist signing, exhibition and book release of "LOOK AWAY: The Art of Todd Francis" by Seb Carayol and Todd Francis. Francis is most well-known for designing the iconic eagle logo for Anti-Hero Skateboards as well as designing for other skateboard companies such as Element and Stereo. We stopped by to scoop up the book and get it signed by the man himself. Be sure to pick up a copy for yourself. Also, be sure to pick up the July 2014 20th anniversary issue of Juxtapoz which features an interview with Francis as well as an interview with Shepard about his work currently on display at the Halsey Institute in Charleston, South Carolina.

    Grab a copy here:

    Photos: courtesy of Harsh Truth Of The Camera Eye

    michelle / July 7, 2014
  • Summer Style: Jane Birkin

    I have a few go to icons for style inspiration, but Jane Birkin is a favorite for summer. Jane always manages to make a plain white t-shirt and jeans look effortlessly cool. Pairing classic denim with anything white and sheer is always a safe bet.


    meghann / July 6, 2014

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