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  • Monday Mood Tunes

    The long-anticipated split by WHIRR and NOTHING is in no way a let down to anyone that’s been waiting for it. The two new songs from each band are perfected with the expertise of veteran producer Will Yip. Whirr’s signature atmospheric haze enthralls more than ever in what seems like a nine-minute dream. Their masterful control of soundscapes is matched only by an intensity that their shoegazing predecessors could only wish to achieve. Nothing’s contribution is a full-on aural assault: the two songs are aggressive, yet harmonious.The ongoing blown-out barrage lulls with only brief periods of quiet melody that hit like armistices. Yet, the songs are harshly beautiful in a way that perfectly captures the Philadelphia band’s definition of reality.


    The split 12" comes with an etched b-side as well as a full-length Whirr/Nothing 'In The Studio' documentary DVD. - Courtesy of Run For Cover Records


    michelle / November 24, 2014
  • Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time


    As the world wakes up to the benefits of medical marijuana, the interwebz will continually bless us with videos like this.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

    I think I'm going to make some plans with my grandma this weekend.


    CJ / November 20, 2014

    ATP and Givens are proud to present the world premiere of
    14 Henrietta St, Covent Garden WC2H / Launch event November 21st : 20.00 – 22.00
    Open November 21st 2014 – January 18th 2015 (Detailed times to follow)

    A photographic exhibition of energy, attitude and rebellion – in conjunction with the release of My Ryle the book, published by Rozzoli International.

    Glen E. Friedman has been described as one of the most important photographers of his generation.

    Think of iconic images of Run DMC, Black Flag, LL Cool J, Minor Threat, Public Enemy, and Beastie Boys, or the gravity defying, revolutionary skateboarding of Tony Alva, Jay Adams, or Stacy Peralta - It is almost certain that Glen E. Friedman was the man behind the camera.

    Friedman’s photographs are rich in action and intensity and have stood the test of time – many have become the definitive portraits for their subjects. Since the mid-1970s as a young teenager, Friedman has been chronicling quintessential subjects in underground and counterculture movements like no other. Capturing the pivotal and defining moments in music and street movements that were largely unknown or ignored by the mainstream.

    Friedman’s My Rules serves as a testament of integrity for the three powerhouse countercultures of skateboarding, punk, and hip-hop. The energy and rebellion shine through - the accompanying book by Rizzoli features over 300 images; it is Friedman’s 7th published monograph.

    This exhibition comprises of over 50 colour + black and white fine art photographic prints - many of which have never been exhibited before. Classic images from Friedman’s last UK exhibition at the ICA in 1997 are also included, now printed larger and better than before. After the premiere in London, the My Rules exhibition will continue to tour worldwide.

    For the Rizzoli book, Friedman reached out to some of his subjects to get in their own words what it was like to be at the crux of these cultural movements; these exclusive, often revealing words serve as an education and inspiration. My Rules is not only a remarkable chronicle of beautiful images and a primer about the origins of three radical street cultures recognized worldwide; it is also an artistic statement of inspiration for generations to follow.

    The exhibition will include audio installations from Ice-T, Ian MacKaye, Alan “Ollie” Gelfand and an unreleased audio interview between Jay Adams and Glen E. Friedman. This interview formed the basis of Jay’s essay in the book, and was one of the last extensive interviews he gave before his untimely death in August this year.

    The exhibition will also play host to a selection of curated films by Glen E. Friedman & there will be Q&A sessions throughout the opening weekend - more details to follow.

    14 Henrietta St, is a building steeped in publishing history, being previously inhabited by Victor Gollancz, a British publisher and humanitarian (publisher of George Orwell’s Down and Out in Paris and London and Franz Kafka’s,The Trial) who also ran his business from the premises.


    GEF My Rules 2

    GEF My Rules

    michelle / November 14, 2014

    After 30+ hours of Ubers, Planes and Automobiles we finally made it out to Shanghai!


    Thanks to Iron Lion Soap for helping us feel fresh!

    erin2 see more, check out the OBEY Womens Blog !

    michelle / November 12, 2014

    A few nights ago, we did a lil' diddly-bebop at @BTNC in Fullerton. We had beer, we had sound, and we had a screen printing machine.. period.

    A big shout to the BTNC Clique, The OBEY Inter-Office Minglers, and GOD for making the night sweet like a fresh pair of Payless XJ-900's !!!

    The OBEY Crew came in early to do a little remodeling with some of Shepard's old prints for your viewing pleasures.


    Tunes √


    THC_J dialing in the screen printer


    While Carlos Winslow makes sure no tees go missing.


    Doors are open!



    This dude was getting happy feet waiting in line for his tee.


    Reagen was loving it.




    Roams ra ra




    This dude was definitely rocking




    " Lets play this a one time for the Boss " PUBES



    Thats a wrap!

    - ROAM

    Color photos courtesy of BTNC

    Furlong / November 10, 2014
  • BTNC x OBEY Party

    This Friday (11/07) we're hosting a kickback with our friends over at BTNC in Fullerton. Come by and chill, drink some beers, look at some art, and get a limited live silk-screened tee. All of the details are in the flyer below, see you there!


    CJ / November 5, 2014

    We teamed up with our friends over at MOOSE Limited  for an OBEY SIGHTINGS CONTEST



    Tag us in any picture you post of an OBEY sighting at #MLTDHasAPosse.

    If you see a sticker on a stop sign, tag us. If you see someone rocking a shirt, tag us. If you see your friend getting arrested for doing some urban beautification, tag us!

    Grand Prize: $100.00 in OBEY Merchandise from MLTD + Signed Shepard Fairey Print

    Runner Up: $50.00 in OBEY Merchandise from MLTD + Signed Supply and Demand Book

    3rd Place: $25.00 in OBEY Merchandise from MLTD + OBEY novelty items

    michelle / November 5, 2014

    We had the pleasure of being one of the sponsors at this years Day Of The Shred held at the Observatory in Santa Ana, California. 19 of the heaviest bands from all over blew out our eardrums over the course of the 12 hour day. And if a day full of music wasn't enough, there was also a mini ramp (that ended up on stage at one point), plenty of food trucks, and a shit ton of booze!



    We teamed up with Babes Ride Out  to offer a Babes of The Shred collab tee. Any babes caught wearing their tee got upgraded to VIP, Free booze, snacks, and backstage access.





    Here's Josh from The Shrine catching a skate before they played






    The Shrine


























    Keep your eyes peeled for more to come from Thief in the near future...

    Pictures courtesty of Jon Furlong and Walter Yetman

    michelle / November 3, 2014
  • Anna and Latoya, final part


    Insanely lucky as we are, we had the most amazing places to stay during our entire trip and our luck reached another peek in NY. Our friend Nate Naylor (one of the most amazing people on planet earth) offered us a place to crash in his awesome pad in Tribeca, Manhattan!

    1-Loft NY

    2-playing with shitty cards at home

    Nate also found some spare time to show us around, so we rented bikes (as the Dutchies that we are) and we cycled all around New York. At night Nate would take us to dark cocktail bars in basements and made sure we had the best food possible.
    In daytime we made sure to get some cultural education, went to the Moma, the Met, an exhibition by Ryan McGinley and the national history museum.
    We got so wrapped up in all of it that we nearly lost Anna in a Monet painting.


    The next couple of days are kind of a blur. We lived on cocktails, coffee, burgers, NYC air, love and cigarettes.

    3-first corndog ever

    14-Day in NY Bike Polo

    13-Day in NY

    And then it was Anna's birthday which we celebrated in style with an early morning underwear dance, night time surprise cakes and way too many drinks at the Bowery...

    On Saturday we went to Le Bain, friends of ours from Amsterdam were DJ-ing there that night and they put us on the guest list.

    What happened next was as perfect as it was unexpected; Anna fell in love. On the second last day of this unbelievably blessed trip through America this girl managed to fall for a DUTCH guy, the DJ (who she actually already knew from back home for a really long time).
    Because drunk and wet and wrinkly from dancing in a pool all night did not seem like a good combination or state to shoot photo’s in, we will have to keep these memories all to ourselves ☺

    While Anna was floating on butterflies, Latoya spend the next day with her two old friends Jeff and Lotte in Brooklyn.
    We walked around in their neighborhood and ended up at Coney Island, on a ride that has been there since 1926. It would be fun they said. We would be fine they said.
    Later on, when our stomach was so turned upside down that sitting was the only comfortable way of being we googled this little monster ride and found out that in its history at least 3 people had died in it. It explained a lot...
    When walking became a possibility again we decided to go for one last dip with our old friend ‘the ocean’.



    9-Before death

    10-Last ocean

    Our trip was coming to an end. Even though we made loads of plans of changing or missing our flight we eventually ended up leaving. After packing our overly stuffed suitcases and drinking our last coffee, we headed to JFK. Last cab. Last NYC air. Last USA day. First time being sad on this trip.


    To kill some the sadness and some time on our 7 hour stop over in Oslo, we came up with the insanely good idea to use Anna's mom's credit card to buy a bottle of Jägermeister. Each. And because thats just how classy we are we also stole some wheelchairs to have races all over the airport, which was perfect cause:
    A: it is fun
    B: the alcohol in our blood made us sleep all the way from Oslo to our beautiful Amsterdam.


    It wasn’t until we arrived back home that we realized how fast these last days flew by, and noticed that we hardly shot any photos on our last week.
    Maybe that’s a good thing, when life is so full that there is no time to capture the moment, cause you are too busy living it.

    Luckily we shot a bunch of analogue shots that we would love to share with you now that we’re back home and had time to develop them all, but first:

    A massive thank you to Nevada, California, Arizona and NYC. Thank you minivan, highway 1, route 66 and all the dust in between. Thank you Burning Man and all the bright souls that we were lucky enough to meet. Thank you Bright Eyes, Iron&Wine, Balthazar, Dave van Ronk, the Avett Brothers and even freakin' Nickelback (again sorry). Thank you ocean, desert, mountains, lakes and pool parties on the 93rd floor.









    So America, guess this is goodbye for now.
    We are coming back for you though, how could we not; you are the love of our lives.

    More work on

    OBEYWomens / November 3, 2014

    You must have seen the T-shirt and Sweatshirt we made for Dirty Fences in our webshop by now. The amazing design was made by Branca Studios from Barcelona. They make posters and flyers for the best rock shows and parties all over Spain. And if you love Halloween as much as I do you probably love their work. Here's some of my favourites.








    Check out their Tumblr, Online Store and Facebook.

    Happy Halloween everybody!


    Sebas / October 31, 2014
  • Don't Fear the Reaper


    You've made your plans, you've got your costume, and the only thing left at this point is your party playlist. Whether you'll be staying in to watch Fright Night or going out as a slutty mouse, make sure you can bust out some serious dance moves with or without your spouse (see what I did there?).

    See ya in the snack aisle.
    - Michelle

    michelle / October 31, 2014
  • Wow! David Gonzalez

    Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 4.30.29 PM

    I thought I would share this if you haven't already seen it.  David Gonzalez absolutely going balls out at the SA river bed.  This was a local spot for me back in the day, but never in my wildest dreams would I attempt something this gnarly!

    Furlong / October 30, 2014

    Forget Halloween, save your energy and go to Day of the Shred! This shit is gonna rip! Brought to you by The Thief (the same guy who put on Psycho De Mayo), it's featuring another great, heavy lineup. Tickets are just about sold out but if you want to go, make sure to grab a ticket today. We sponsored Psycho de Mayo and are really digging what the Thief is laying down so we had to get behind Day of the Shred. We made the official T-shirts and they will be available at the show. We do have a few for sale online HERE just in case you can't make it. We also printed the official poster that will be available at the show.

    Day of the Shred
    3503 S. Harbor Blvd.
    Santa Ana, CA


    Check this lineup out.




    Shirt we made for the Shred.










    Here's some photos from Psycho De Mayo to give you a sweet little taste of the face melting that you'll experience this weekend.






    Pubes / October 28, 2014
  • Sexy Mantis

    Lunch break at OBEY = Impromptu glamour shoot with this sexy beast!  Can't hate on nature, especially being surrounded by concrete.





    Furlong / October 25, 2014
  • Aww NYC

    I hate using this term, but fuck it! Here is a #FBF of my first trip to NYC for Shepard's E PLURIBUS VENOM show at Jonathan Levine Gallery back in 2007.  It was originally going to be a vacation for me or at least I thought, but ended up being the start to my documentary duties for Shep.  Here's a little run down of the trip and other random shit that happened:

    Roam's and I took the red eye and most likely were still drunk when we finally made it into the city.  Our First order of business was to hit the town and find a tasty McMuffin to soak up whatever alcohol was left.  While walking around town, we came across this Icon / Toxic Inspector paste up, which turned out to be my first OBEY photograph.


    Immediately after this, we almost got arrested for thinking it was okay to drink while walking around.  Thanks Roams!


    Onto the opening reception in Dumbo




    Right after this shot,  some crazy asshole came in throwing stink bombs or whatever and basically cleared out the place.  I believe he got arrested and it made the news.   After parties!






    next day went looking for Annie



    I think these ladies were as well



    Later that night was the opening at Jonathan Levine Gallery.




    Feeling how we did when we first arrived, our last day was mostly trekking around seeing the sights.




    This shot from Brooklyn turned out to be my first photo tee every printed. What can I say, I got lucky.


    Good bye NEW YORK!


    Furlong / October 24, 2014

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