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    A Week on Earth continues in Tel Aviv!  I don't think I really need to keep repeating how amazing our travels were - just see for yourself :)




    We spent a lot of time in the Raw Tapes studio with Yuvi, a mastermind on they keys.  It's always a pleasure watching Free The Robots in his true element.  This trip along he probably laid down enough tracks to put out several new albums.




    The Dookie Stick


    One of the best places to eat, Port Sa'id- fresh veggies and fresh vinyl all day every day.  I think we became regulars here by the end of our trip.



    They even had an herb garden out front ;)


    As night fell, the place turned to a madhouse so we decided to walk down the street


    To TEDER.FM - a pop up radio station with rotating DJ's playing out of a van, while visuals are projected onto the surrounding buildings.  Tel Aviv really knows how to create an amazing environment to drink in


    I think PILPELED knew we were coming and decided to paint a portrait of Free The Robots creepin at the end of the hallway




    The next night we travelled back to Jerusalem for a show in an abandoned train car which was transformed into a psychedelic installation with mirrors and cardboard patterns that lined the ceilings and walls.

    IMG_9588 IMG_9450

    I think is the the only picture from the entire trip with all of us in it.. and we're out of our minds.



    The next morning we hit the market to stock up on some nutritional essentials to get us through a day exploring in the desert




    Ein Prat Nature Reserve!  An oasis in the middle of the Judean Desert






    Thanks to EVERYONE who welcomed us into your homes and hearts during our trip.  If you're reading this you all know who you are.  You really made 3 foreign weirdos feel at home in Israel, much love!  Until the next adventure.. ~THC_J, FREETHEROBOTS, PHILNISCO

    CJ / August 29, 2014
  • Soaked in Bleach


    I may have a thing for conspiracy theories. Actually, I'm totally into conspiracy theories. Especially when they have to deal with the death of someone that had such an impact on a generation.

    Soaked in Bleach focuses on the death of Nivana front man, Kurt Cobain. After Cobain disappeared from rehab, Courtney Love hired private investigator Tom Grant to find him. This feature-length film is based on Tom's encounters with Courtney, his opinion that she was responsible for Kurt's Death, and if it were up to him he'd reopen the case tomorrow.


    As of right now, 'Soaked in Bleach' has no release date.


    michelle / August 28, 2014

    The second leg of A Week on Earth began with a coastal tour of Haifa, Israel - a beautiful port city built on the Northern slopes of Mount Carmel.  I've been following Broken Fingaz ever since Free The Robots toured Israel last year and it was an honor to celebrate the grand opening of Kartel ( a music venue / gallery / evolving outdoor mural) in their hometown. Enjoy the picture play by play below :)



    Since Day 1 the sun continually smiled upon us and I knew our stay would be promising


    Began at the gypsy flea market filled with treasures that lined the streets and alley ways


    Translation: The Wonders of Microwave Cooking



    While digging through vintage Israeli birthday cards, questionable antiques and really obscure porn, we met some people that invited us to come swim in the Mediterranean Sea.




    Octopus vibes


    The day continued with a sound check at one of the most amazingly repurposed buildings I've ever been in.  The Kartel space was an abandoned movie theatre transformed into synagogue for psychos (I mean that in the best way possible).  Painted murals from the Ghostown Crew filled the facade and the interior.  Future shows will feature new artists on the rest of the blank portions of the building.





    The Easy Rider sound system


    Homies on homies on homies - Philnisco, Free The Robots, TANT, Yuvi (Raw Tapes / Rejoicer)





    Here's a small look at the Sex Picnic flash exhibition that originally debuted in London.









    On the second night of the grand opening Kalbata x Mixmonster screened their documentary Congo Beat The Drum.  A 2+ year project spent recording a 100% analogue reggae/dub album then traveling throughout Kingston to collaborate with legendary singers and deejays such as Jah Thomas, Little John, Trinity, Echo Minott, Mutabaruka, Major Mackerel, Puddy Roots and the sadly, recently departed Prince Jazzbo.  It was extremely inspiring to see two talented producers from Israel doing the same thing in Jamaica, that we are trying to do in their home country.




    Stay tuned, last stop Tel Aviv!



    CJ / August 27, 2014
  • Fa Fa Furlong

    For those who aren't familiar with me or what I do here at OBEY Clothing.  I am Jonathan Furlong - aka - Furburger, Turdfurgusson, Furry, FurBalls or anything perverted that has to do with Fur.  To make a long story short, I'm a self taught photographer who started in the warehouse back in 2004 and weaseled my way up doing every odd job I could and eventually became the in-house photographer here at OBEY, as well as documenting Shep's career / travels. I'm fortunate and grateful to be in the position I’m in now and to be able to work with all these freaks here at OBEY Clothing.  Throughout the years of either being in the office or traveling, I've shot thousands apon thousands of photos and I do my best to share as much as I can on the blogs, but sometimes it’s just too much.  With that being said, I'm going to try something new and start posting more of my photography, outtakes from all my previous / future trips and all the madness that happens at OBEY ! I'll make sure to keep my writing to a minimum in future post as I tend to write like Simple Jack. Enjoy!

    My first post is 35mm film I shot while in Copenhagen back in August 2011  Check out the video series as a little refresher.













    - Furlong

    Furlong / August 27, 2014
  • FUCK YEAH FEST! 2014

    FYF wasn’t lying when they said we’d have the best weekend of summer! Okay Player  (THANKS GUYS!) put me on to shoot some photos of the festival at Exposition Park in Los Angeles. Here are a few of my shots that I’d like to share with y’all …

    The first set I saw was Little Dragon. Yukimi is a goddess

    PHOTO 1


    Caribou was nuts. The arena reached full capacity but I managed to sneak myself in… along with a few of my friends (You might recognize this cool posse from Low End Theory)

    PHOTO 2

    PHOTO 3

    Four Tet was groovy and magical as always

    PHOTO 4

    Not only is Grimes is the cutest living creature to ever exist, she’s insanely bad ass. Her set got everyone captivated

    PHOTO 5

    PHOTO 6


    I was probably the most excited to see Les Sins. I’ve seen Chaz Bundick as Toro Y Moi twice now, but never as his beat making alias.

    PHOTO 7

    Mac DeMarco was fun as hell! Him and his band were quite adorable

    PHOTO 8

    No matter how many times I’ve seen Thundercat, I am still to this day astonished by his beautiful sounds. Plus I was really feelin his outfit this time

    PHOTO 9

    PHOTO 10

    Don’t even get me started on his dance moves or how precious him and his girlfriend were on stage together. Blood Orange was so entertaining and touching, I didn’t want it to end.

    PHOTO 11

    This photo doesn’t do justice as to how breath taking Darkside was. They made me feel like I was on a spaceship, on my way to a mysterious abyss. Hands down the best performance of the weekend, in my opinion.

    PHOTO 12

    If you weren’t in awe of Flying Lotus’ performance there must be something wrong with you. Shouts out to Strangeloop and everyone else on his production team to deliver such phenomenal visuals. By the way, Fly Lo is coming out with a new album this October. Be sure to check it out… he’s got some tracks with some incredible artists… including one of my favorite rappers, Kendrick Lamar #YoureDead !

    PHOTO 13

    PHOTO 14


    And of course, what better way to end the night than to see Jamie XX. From all of the big time ravers to the emotional XX fans… he blew all of our minds away.

    PHOTO 15

    PHOTO 16

    - MARIN

    Follow me @marshmell0o

    OBEYWomens / August 26, 2014

    Recently I had the opportunity to travel to the Middle East with Free The Robots and Phil Nisco to work on a side project dubbed A Week on Earth, documenting music, art and culture of the locals in Israel - showing the other side of the story that no one really hears or sees.  Regardless of the anxiety instilled by all of the news channels about the Israel/Hamas conflict, I continued on with the trip  because I firmly believe that we cannot let fear dictate what kind of life we lead. So I renounced my national identity, sacrificed my culture, abandoned whatever conditioning mechanisms that created a sense of separation between myself and another group, and just embraced the idea that I am an Earthling first before being American. Through my entire experience in Israel I discovered a subculture of inspired individuals who are caught in the middle of a holy war that they don't identify with.  It was almost like I teleported to a defunct dreamland that has the same obscure personal club of artists, musicians and poets that remind me a lot of my friends back home. Anyways.. enough of my existential ranting- here are some photos from the first part of the trip.


    We first arrived in central Jerusalem at our home base in the Nachlaot neighborhood. The house we stayed in was built in 1880 by a Yemenite man who traveled for 7 years on a donkey to establish roots in Jeru.


    Stray cats run the streets and alleyways everywhere throughout the city




    Being my first time in Israel, I had to do the tourist thing and check out the Old City.


    The Dome of the Rock from a distance.



    On the 2nd or 3rd day, we stopped by raash hour radio station / gallery to play some tunes and explain the concept of our whole trip during drunk poetry hour.







    Big brother is watching



    Markets and practically everything is closed down on Shabbat, but that didn't stop us from wandering around


    Some JR portraits from his Inside Out project.


    More wandering


    We were invited to a "junk rave" outside of an abandoned train car - such a surreal experience - and not because of the massive joints being lit



    The main mission of our stay in Jerusalem was The Frontline Festival, a 5 day event filled with independent artists, bands, DJ's, experiments and all kinds of shit that made me feel like I was in a different dimension.


    Originally, the shows were supposed to take place within the Old City, but with the war going on The Frontline took the festival back to the streets


    The Mizkaka, one of the main venues was an abandoned underground well turned music venue- fully outfitted for any type of performance.



    Here's a very very small look at some of the acts, I didn't get to take many photos of the shots because I found myself so immensely stupefyed by the experience.




    Probably one of the craziest things I've ever witnessed - Markey Funk created a live soundtrack and effects to play along with a silenced version of the 1970 Soviet Masterpiece, Blue Bird, using 4 turntables and all vinyl. Mind = blown.




    Next stop, Haifa!



    CJ / August 25, 2014

    Two weeks ago, SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS hosted the first-ever performance by multimedia art collective Cross My Heart Hope To Die (CMHHTD). The collective consists of Sean Bonner, Brevi, Andrew Kline (Strife), and DJ Muggs (Cypress Hill). The show titled Vita E Morte is up at SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS until August 23, go check it out!

    I was lucky enough to ask Andrew a few questions about how CMHHTD all came together.

    With everyone coming from different musical backgrounds with you doing Strife, DJ Muggs doing stuff with Cypress Hill how did a project like Cross My Heart Hope To Die come together?

    I have known Muggs for a number of years, and we have worked together in the past in a much smaller capacity.  I think the fact that we all come from different (not just musical) backgrounds is really what makes this project work. Muggs and I worked together to create the sound, and once Brevi added her vocals to the project, we knew that we had something special. Sean has a long history in the art and technology world, and we all to develop the aesthetic as well as the entire art side of the group.

    What initially started as a music project quickly morphed into something bigger, something really different from what is currently going on in the current musical landscape.

    We approach this project in a very DIY fashion, and everyone is very hands on in every aspect of the group. The important thing is that everyone brings something different to the project. We all share common interests, but everyone has a different skill set and expertise which allows us to all contribute something that everyone can stand behind.

    While most bands just play a first show your first show was not only a first show, but an art show with pieces that accompany your music. How did the idea to do that come about and was there a lot of pressure putting together an art show as well as getting ready for your first performance?

    We started this project almost three years ago. We had a goal to present our music and our art in a very different way. In this digital age, we are constantly bombarded with new music, so much in fact that the thrill of discovery is gone. We wanted to bring back that feeling that we got as a kid when we would mail order records from our favorite labels and wait months for the to show up at our house, that feeling we got when we put the needle on the record and played it over and over while we studied every photo and every lyric on the layout.

    We came up with the idea of our street installations, which were basically audio based street art. These installation were hung in major cities all over the world over the last three years… Someone passing by might just look at is as another piece of street art, but if it was examined closely you would notice a headphone jack… Once you plugged in your headphones it would play a number of different songs… For a lot of people, this was their first exposure to our music. We actually had music out on the streets, playing on these boxes, long before any song was available anywhere online.

    This concept slowly grew into what you saw at the Vita E Morte show at Subliminal Projects.

    There was definitely a lot of pressure, because we had to create all of the artwork, create all of the visuals, as well as rehearse for our first ever live show. We did have plenty of time to prepare, as we booked the show almost 8 months beforehand.

    With everyone in the band working on other projects will CMHHTD always be a side project or do you think there's room to become a full time band who is touring consistently?

    This project is definitely a priority for everyone involved. We will all continue to work on other projects outside of CMHHTD, but we have already been setting up the next steps to take this concept further.

    We are halfway through recording our debut full length album, and we are working on some tour dates as we speak. We are looking into touring the art side of Vita E Morte as well and have been speaking to a few different galleries in a few cities around the world.

    I've noticed on YouTube there's been a few fans that have made their own music videos to some of your songs. Is it pretty flattering seeing how other people interpret your songs and create their own videos for it?

    We definitely encourage all of our fans to get involved and create videos or remixes of our songs. We love the fact the people can be so inspired by a song that they want to take the time to make their own version of a video.

    We actually release all of our music under a Creative Commons License, which is a standardized way to grant copyright permissions to creative work. This essentially lets anyone use our music in a non commercial way.

    Any last words?

    Be sure to check out or website ( to see what we are up to next! Thanks for the interview, and we hope to be playing in a city near you soon!

    For more info on the show click here!

    Photos Courtesy: Harsh Truth Of The Camera Eye


    michelle / August 13, 2014
  • End of Summer Mood

    The last few weeks of summer have me feeling all kinds of feelings, but mostly nostalgic and a little excited to pull out my leather jacket. Time for a good old mood board.

    all images found on Pinterest

    michelle / August 10, 2014
  • Solo Expo Saša Ostoja at Gallery 33 AMSTERDAM

    If you happen to be in Amsterdam between the 8th and 31st of August, go check out our friend Saša Ostoja's exhibition at Gallery 33!

    "Don't Worry, Everything is Going to be Amazing", is illustrator Saša Ostoja's first ever solo show in which he presents works from his personal collection, both prints and original pieces, as well as some sculptures.

    The exhibition runs from August 8th, 2014 till August 31th, 2014 at Gallery 33, Pazzanistraat 33, 1014 DB, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Public show opening: Friday August 8th, 18:00 - 22:00

    Read more about  Saša and the expo here and here

    Joscha / August 6, 2014

    It was a long week and A LOT went down.  Multiple murals, Multiple events, a shit load of people and lastly some insane art.  Here is an array of photos from the last few days.  Enjoy!

    Quick recap of the finished murals around the city.

    On to the Art Alliance opening. If you slept, you missed out big time

    A look into the gift shop, before the gallery

    Now the gallery.  There was way too much art to show on this post, so I'm going to post some of my favorites and we'll have all of the pieces HERE soon.

    Now let the partying begin. Art Alliance night


    My man Cleon and Retna

    Tim Armstrong and Shep

    One more round with the posse before preparing for more tomorrow.

    Woke up feeling great and went to check out the madness over at lollapalooza in Millennium Park.  It went from trippy flowers to trippin teenagers in a blink of an eye.

    Married with Children fountain

    Now back to the gallery.  Popping bottles like C-low Brown for the Hennessy party.

    The place was packed and all waiting for the special guest performance by NAS

    Thats a wrap Chicago, good night!

    Furlong / August 5, 2014
  • the wild west

    It's been a long time since I've ventured into the depths of my own country. This time I had the honor, and pleasure to rock with my dudes Opio (Souls of Mischief/ Hieroglyphics), DJ Scientific and AaGee. Opio and I just recently started working on some new sounds. Listen to one of our first experiments, "Blow sum Smoke," and stay tuned for more..

    Nerds of the round table... or square table... or whatever the venue has available

    After the party is the after party

    Travel Tip #1: When traveling in a group, always check the 1 night AirBnb deals, where you'll find pads like this, that are cheaper than hotel rooms, and come with a bottle of champagne.. #PinkyUp begins..

    American Interstate highway stops, where you remember how easy it was being a kid. Of course you realize you're and adult, and end up walking out with almonds, water, and a frown..

    Hippy time at the edge of the earth, also known as 'Fuzzy Bambi land..'

    Delicious captures by Ari Berger (Domoarifoto)

    This is how we chill from 3:30 till.... soundcheck. Much love to Adrian Younge for hosting us, and blessing us with all sorts of previews. Seriously.. stay tuned for the new Souls of Mischief album, as well as anything this guy touches.

    Computer Club at the Low End Theory (Los Angeles)

    Back in the bay.. Ran into Teebs again for a pre-show pinky up at Union Square.. Tour(ists)

    Teebs on before Jon Hopkins... hoppin on one foot playing his 404 with pinkys only at the Mezzanine (SF)

    Big shout out to Polaroid Jay ( for always capturing Bay Area galavanting.

    Such a great night in SF for the finale of the tour... Teebs, Devonwho, Shorty McGee, The Whooligan, Mr. Carmack, CitzenTen, Mophono... a whole lot of homies in the building.

    Pinkys been up all night.. captured by DomoArifoto

    the Adventures the Computer Club commences for now.. but its not over. Stay tuned for more and more music. See you again soon!

    Homeward bound.. I'm "that guy.." carrying an original Micro Moog through the TSA. Biiig thanks to my bro AaGee for the tour gift!

    I knew I had to come back home for something. Thankfully I got home right in time to write the line-up for the OBEY stage, and send it out to the artists. Big shouts to Moonblock Party, Phil, Ryan, all the bands, DJs, vendors, mutants, and the people for making the first Downtown Santa Ana Block Party happen. lets do it again next year!

    No sleep... You can see what all happened on----->> THC_J's blog section ***I think Phil took this picture..

    Great times on the streets! Joe Kay closing out the evening with new selections from Soulection

    Then of course there's the itis, after party at The North Left.... *Phil took this picture btw... no small claims court! Good Night :)

    freetherobots / July 31, 2014

    Right back to it! Here's some views from the city and some visuals of the other murals going on around the town.  Art Alliance: The Provocateurs opens tomorrow at Block 37 10am - 6pm and it will run from July 31st - Aug 4th.  If you live in the Chicago area or anywhere close, come check it out.

    Chicago's finest

    Now on to the murals.  Quick look at Cleon's finished masterpiece.

    One block down Retna was sizing up and underway on his mural.

    After Retna flew through his mural I took a walk back down the street to check out POSE MSK's wall and see his progress.

    More later this week on the finished Pose mural, but for now I'll take you back to Block 37 to check out more of the Art Alliance gallery space as we prep for tomorrow's opening.

    More to come, so check back


    Furlong / July 30, 2014

    OBEY Artist Series: Minka Sicklinger from OBEY CLOTHING on Vimeo.


    Minka Sicklinger is a BOSS.

    (shown above wearing her Reaper Tee)

    She has a ridiculous collection of exotic furs, which she wears regularly. Dead animals are kind of her thing; mounted or wearable. Not to mention an antique collection of various obsessions that her past life as a treasure hunting pirate gave her the skills to procure from her many adventures around the globe. To earn a living she alternately stabs people with needles, or creates magic with ink and paper.

    (shown above wearing her Eye Mandala Tank)

    She adorns herself with comstock worthy amounts of silver jewelry, and wears so many rings it puts mexican border-town pimps to shame. Most of the clothing she wears is antique, and was originally made for child brides in the tribal regions of several central eurasian countries. Both the present and reality hold very little interest for her, she prefers to live in a fantasy world based fleetingly on the gilded age, in which people have manners and craft still counts for something, and things are never quite as they seem. Her spirit animals are multiple, including wolves, crows, foxes and last but not least a jackalope. Minka and her menagerie can be found most days either at East Side Ink or hunched over her drawing table in her adoptive home of NYC, unless she has gone treasure hunting...then she may be gone for a while....

    (shown above wearing her Medusa Crewneck)


    Some of her favorite, or she might say "favourite" spots and activities are:

    walking over the Williamsburg bridge

    people watching on the subway

    eating at Lil Frankies

    treasure hunting at flea markets

    going to art openings/galleries

    walking around at strange hours

    (shown above wearing her Reaper Crewneck)

    (shown above wearing her Eye Mandala 2 Crewneck)

    Photos Courtesy of: Bobby Stackleather

    Keep an eye on the site for the launch of her Artist Series collection launching this week ! ! !

    To see more of her work visit and make sure to follow her here @minkasicklinger


    michelle / July 30, 2014

    Leading off from our last post, here's more of the mural in its entirety. Enjoy and check back later for more updates.

    Headed over to check out Cleon's mural as a quick intermission while Shep and the guys we're finishing up.

    Back to the roof with Shep.

    We Own The Future mural complete!

    I'll end with a little sneak peak of The Provocateurs gallery space.

    More tomorrow, so stay tuned.


    Furlong / July 29, 2014

    The crew and I arrived in Chicago three days ago to begin the setup for The Provocateurs art show and to start painting my mural. My mural wall is a killer spot at Wabash and 9th on one of Columbia University’s buildings. There will be several other murals going up in the same corridor by artists from The Provocateurs show including POSE, RETNA, and Cleon Peterson. The majority of the fine art is now in our gallery space safely and we are arranging the display for your viewing pleasure. Thanks to Jon Furlong for the awesome photos, and to my crew of Nic Bowers, Dan Flores, and Rob Zagula for assistance on the mural. Stay tuned for wall art updates from both indoors and outdoors.



    I can't show you much of the gallery at the moment, but stay tuned!

    Limited posters

    On to the Walbash mural.  Make sure to take the L train.

    More tomorrow, so check back



    Furlong / July 28, 2014

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